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  1. im just going to say this, All of those who think the are in control think that they have all the power, and get confident and forget that all the news programs can be seen any where in teh world due to the internet
  2. The proposal was nothing to speacial, it was last year in march... it was cold and there was a heavy snowfall, i had the ring for a while, and i had dropped her off at her house, it was prolly 11 at night, she lived in a city and the snowplows had covered my spot in the yard with about three feet of snow.. I had to drive my small caviler up and i got it stuck... sammi's door got stuck and i had to dig it out, and when i opened the door i knelt in the snow... and i Poped the question!it was prolly ten degrees out and sammi just sat there staring at the ring i held.. I worried for a minute, but she said yes and started cring. for a while she was pissed at me for the ring i got, cause it had a dimond in it that was held in a metal thingy.. and it would scratch the crap out of her arms and face when she woke up .... but she got used to it and now it only scratches me in the morning when we wake up... so like i said, nothing romantic... stuck in a snow drift wasnt my plan but that was the time i picked. :)
  3. Asrid walked in the dreary daylight that didnt seem that it could ever support life. He was in a hurry to get to a lesson that he wasnt to sure he wanted to be at. he found himself standing before a man bearly shorter than himself, But had a presence that said other wise. '"You must be my new class, names?"' "Ostindel, Asrid Ostindel, sir." '"Very well, from now on forget all you know of your former life, you start over today and when you are done with training you will be a Dreadlord."' Asrid didnt think that was going to be very hard to forget his past, the only thing he couldnt leave behind was the burn scar that covered his left side, which he now covered much of it under his heavy black cloak. Only from his shoulder to his jaw showed. The second part was going to be the most difficult of the two. Having just learned that he could touch the one power, and that he was to learn how to control it, was just a little overwhelming. '"Now lets sit down"' Asrid followed the man to a small patch of grass, '"Close your eyes and form a flame to the inner side of your mind, feed all emotions into it, let it be the only thing in focus in your mind."' That part was easy, he had learned to bring the void on when his father taught him to use his knives. Putting his mind at ease he let the void close all thoughts off from his mind, leaving only his teachers voice sounding like a distant hum, bearly understandable. He saw himself enclosed like a steel wall, impenitrable by nothing but his own exictance. '"It is important that you remember to stay calm and in control, saidin is like a furious storm, you must bend it to your will or else it will cary you away."' Panic brushed across the edge of his awarness, but he ignored it. this was his life now and he was going to learn every thing he could about the one power even if it killed him. The only thing that he worryed about, was that it very well could. '"Now if you are at an emotionless stage you should be able to sence saidin howering outside that calmness, try to seize it and hold it, do not draw on it just let a litle of it trickle in, but hold the rest back."' Asrid let his sences drift to the wall, and he could feel the the power just on the outside buffiting his steel wall, do as he was told he reached for it, meaning to take as little as he could. As soon as he touched it his insides seemed to want to be his outsides, The power struggling to consume him, He felt as if he would be swept away in a molten river. Stuggling to get ahold of it he faught for what seemed years, The void quivered but held, despratly he realized if he couldnt get ahold of it now he wasnt going to walk away from this experiance. He took hold of the power surging through him, pushing it back, his life depended on this, and he was slowly gaining control. finally he held it off and was able to hold it at bay, there to call but not flowing any more. what seemed years, was only seconds after he pulled on the power. he was dreanched in his sweat and his cloak was sodden from the struggle, there was a ringing in his ears. looking to his teacher he waited sillently, wasting no effort, it took all he had to keep hold of the raging river.
  4. i figured i could post this where every one could see it... for every one needs to see the good of life... *waits for every one to look twords him.... slowy taps foot at those who dont* IM GETTING MARRIED!!!! just figured you should know... and for those who dont know me... Sorry for the inconvianensness <<< just guess<<< and i hope that you all will know me soon :D *Dances in circles*
  5. The best place to be is on the toilet actually... at least after you eat my soon to be father-in-laws chilly.... but other that you should go to the Shayol Ghul... Actually...Scratch the should... *stares at Janbroni* You will do as i comand.... *gets a headache from the strain of staring some one down...* ow ow owwwww, it hurrrrts *glances to singing cat....* creapy....
  6. asrid


    *is very rememberalbe* And i remember the tanks o' tq and chilli, ive been sober for quite a while. 8) ill stop by !!!! id be happy sira to get back to whatever we used to do... *thinks* cant recall what that was but i will soon!
  7. HOW DARE YOU ALL!!! ME INSANE, i cant belive you said that... *grins* im well beyond insane
  8. Yeah!!! *dances about* now all i need is a rp buddie to take me to teh blight!
  9. *runs screaming at the top of his lungs covered in evil crickets* *Notices some one new* HIYA! And welcome, *trys to stop,drop,and roll to get crickets off of him, fails and runs away screaming*
  10. asrid


    Aye i did rp,,, that was a long time ago, *looks down ashamedly* but i am here to amend my name, but i think it be best i make another bio and discard my oter identites... *cries and he puts all three of his charecters and a dark and dusty shelf...*
  11. im back and ill be able to stay... i finnaly have my own internet that will work and i will be able to get on like ive always tried to.. those who remember me, i say ello and i missed those who missed me... and to those who dont know me and think me a weird drop in... nice to meet ya!
  12. *bubbles start forming in a long forgoten lake, causing ripples from the center out to the shore line. Something floats above the surface of the water and is lost in the Sporadic bubbles of heated water. A large fish swallows the object whole and dives back into the water. seconds later the fish springs out of the water and spits a limp body onto the Shore.* "well that was a ride" IIIIIMMMM BAAACK. 8) Hope somebody remembers me, but i figured that i should post here and make my presence known.
  13. it wont let me get back into the band... And im glad someone remembers me... :D
  14. but it has been a very long time since i have been on... i had a very hard run in with life and im just starting to get out of the haze from worring about every thing... but yeah.... asrid is back and readdy to creat havoc... :twisted:
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