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I  should  have introduced myself here  before i  started posting  on the main  forum  but ive been reading this site for so long i  felt like a  member already  hehe.


ive been a long time WOT fan  and  have already  replaced all the books  at least  2 or 3  times except for KOD :) 


i  usually  enjoy  just reading what other people  take from the books  iso  posting my thoughts  but i  am so involved with this series i  couldnt hold back  posting my  own thoughts on it .


I am glad to  be a part  of this site and look forward to getting to  know  some more WOT fans.


alittle personal info:  im a  37  ( cry)  YO male  married 19 years with 3  daughters  a nurse by  profession  i  usually    browse  websites  like this one after i get off work and  sometimes my eyes cross  so if i  ever make a mistake i  blame tiredness :)

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Welcome BK, don't worry about mistakes, we can all be like that, and I work too so totally understand...of course you will never catch me on here whilst at work...*shifty*


Join in at any of the Orgs, we all love new members...


I would like to second Spec..the Wolfies are just the best Org...foloowed very closely by the Band. The Wolfkin though are the Nature Org, so we love all nature lovers and he are the home to the news magazine Pawprints which comes out every month and can be found on our boards. Also a Nature Pic thread to display all your photographic skills. Plus we are the home of TQ and Chilli and give you the warnmest of welcomes.


The band are the music and travel org, and the lovers of brews, brawls and jousts. WEe even have our own game. So pop along there too.


Whatever you do have fun, any questions please ask.

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A nurse? neat. I'm currently working on my first degree in biology  >.>

Yeah I know...so low on the food chain  *laughs*


Welcome Bkvmc!  ;)


I hope you enjoy hanging with us!


Also, I hope you visit the community Yellows and the RP Children of the Light *wink*


Feel free to PM me if you want to chat!





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Welcome to DM!


We're glad you've dropped by here, so we can tell you more about the wonderful site that is DM! Once such thing is the Band of the Red Hand ORG, the home of music and travel at DM! Why not come by and see what we do, and then join up? There is something for everyone, so no-one is disappointed! How about becoming an Infantry Blademaster? Or a Knight of the Cavalry? Or an Assassin of the Archers? Tempted? Come by our campfires and you'll be on the road to glory!


But whatever you end up doing at DM, have fun! :) But do check out the Band of the Red Hand ORG! ;)

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Welcome to DM ... belatedly  ;D ... I think I've spotted you at the General Discussion sections.


There are many many things you can do on here - If you are interested in becoming a Warder or Aes Sedai, the non-RP side is at the White Tower (Org). And it's a TOTAL lie what they say about the Reds ! *looks shifty*

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