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What usually happens.


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In most stories about good an evil, evil is usually winning coming into the final book or moive or even battle.


So will it seem that the Dark One will win with overwhelming forces, only to have the forces or the Creator (Rand and team) snatch the victory away from the Dark One. Or will it be fairly even odds at the Last Battle.



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I imagine the Dark One's forces will be winning with almost no sign of hope for the "good guys" until Rand does something that may cost him his life to save the day. Then who knows with Alivia with him, maybe he comes back to life. I think Rand's friends will probably save him a few times making sure he makes it to that final moment in the battle. Who knows? We shall see. Can't wait.





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I think we will see two kinds of battles. One split in a few battles in Andor, Tar Valon, Tarwins Gap, perhaps a few other places, with the Light in big trouble all over the place, without getting completely wiped out.


And one where Rand with a small strike force heads directly to SG. I think we will see something similar to the batle of Falme, the two will be connected. When the light gains ground, Rand will advance, when the shadow gets an advantage, Rand will be in trouble. And when Rand does something good, like killing a forsaken, it will benefit the lights forces.

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I'm honestly hopeing for a twist at the end. I know Rj wasn't M. Night or anything but reading a scene where everyone thinks they have lost where something has happened and all hope is gone, then BOOM they win by a chance and a whisker thats the kind of ending I like in a book.





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What do we know so far? 


1. The Dragon's blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul

2. Rand must "die to live"

3. Alivia will help him die

4. Mat must give up half the light of the world to save the world (and presumably blow the horn of Valere again, though it's not mentioned in the Karaethon Cycle)

5. The Aiel will be left with "a remnant of a remnant"

6. "The north shall he tie to the east, and the west shall be bound to the south"

7. "When the winds of Tarmon Gai'don scour the earth, he will face the Shadow and bring forth Light again in the world"

8. Don't forget he shall bind the nine moons to serve him.


What else?  I know there's more.  I like Majsju's idea too.  The winds of TG scouring the earth sounds like the forces of the DO launching the attack of attacks against the world (after all, TG is the supposedly the last hurrah of the DO where he will either win and reshape the world or be locked away forever).  We could very well see many large assaults against key holdings (Tar Valon, Andor/Caemlyn - the bloodline of which is critical to winning TG, etc.)  Or, we could see an ocean of DO forces pouring out of the blight pushing the forces of the light back further and further south.  Meanwhile, Rand eventually HAS to show up at Shayol Ghul for the showdown with the DO himself who will presumably be free or partially free of his prison.  I can't wait to see how Rand is going to die with Alivia's help and live again.  Something has to happen with the Seanchan as well.  Not many believe that the Seanchan version of the K-prophecy where the Dragon kneels to the crystal throne is true but you never know.  Either that or he will "bind the 9 moons to serve him" probably through Mat.  Twist or no twist, just putting all these pieces together to make a cohesive story is going to be fascinating. 

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