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  1. Welcome aboard. A writer eh? ...you should check out the Illuminators Org.....lots of helpful advice and a good critique circle for your work as well. Have fun at DM.
  2. Welcome! Bad? No. It does start to drag for a bit...especially book 10, but they are still good enough reads that they don't ruin the series. Book 11 picks up pace again fairly well, and it seems as if book 12 is going to be the best one in a while. I will say books 8-10 are not as exciting to read as the books before them, but don't worry, I think you will still enjoy the series.
  3. Welcome to DM. Glad to have you here. I totally understand your lifestyle change with the move. I was in Florida and moved to Texas. Not being on the beach anymore stinks. 8)
  4. I have seen you posting a lot...... ;)
  5. Great to have you at DM! You will enjoy it here. Lots of great people who love WOT. Have fun!
  6. Welcome to DM! Long live Finland! Have a great time Only try MyndJack if you sometime wear black socks ;)
  7. I think JLM is right....I don't think it ever really said How they met, just that they had.
  8. I know ;D I still say it's silly to use the name dragon with numbers after it though...I mean what kind of person does that? ;D - Dragon21 ;)
  9. Welcome to DM, Dragon..... kinda funny to use the name Dragon with numbers after it though isn't it? ;D Have fun!
  10. Welcome to DM, glad you signed up
  11. Dreams don't count, Danya? darn...lol ;D
  12. I think she was way more into Galad before though ;D. She like Gawyn alright, but all those girls like Galad better. Anyway you look at it, it's a pretty cheesy romance between Gawyn and Egwene.
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