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  1. Im currently on my second time threw the series on Book Nine.... and ive been noticing Lews Therin saying the Three of them will kill more by the end... example "Now you have someone else to destroy, and not beforetime. How many will we three kill before the end, I wonder" So my question is who is the third person he is speaking of, my guess is that is was a person from the Age where there is no channeling, but that is just a guess was hoping one of you would be able to clear that up for me. Thanks ;D
  2. Thunderbomb


    They moved through the ways, since gateways kill them.
  3. Id have to be ishy, I enjoy people bent on world destruction and being slightly insane is the only bad point to him
  4. Rand and Ishy are a close tie for first in my mind... I enjoy the slightly insane cold good guy, and the really insane and powerful baddy
  5. I dont think that is right, but if it is what would Gaul's first name be or Rhuarc
  6. I would pick up Brandon Sanderson's mistbourne books... they are great reads and will give ya a good taist of his writing style
  7. I kinda think the tower itself is gunna crumble but he will save those who believe in what it stands for sort of thing.
  8. I dont think he is dead but I agree he might of gotten weakened alittle bit But I believe he is on the run/or hiding out since it seems Slayer and them hounds are searching for something.
  9. This certainly seems likely, especially given what Taim says at the end of KOD but (correct me if I'm wrong) this has never been confirmed - not in the books and not by RJ. It could still turn out that Taim is just a jealous megalomaniac. Your right it has never been confirmed it is just a strong popular belief that pretty much everyone believes he is some sort of Darky
  10. Id just run a steady drop of water on her forehead while she is shielded until she cracks, Cruel and unusual but cruely effective... and look at it this way if she doesn't start giving info after that then she will probably go insane from that friendly drop of water... win win
  11. I would defintly have to find some sort of clothes first, then maybe start in the tower guard and work my way to training as a warder
  12. I kinda hope it will be back and forth for awhile with the Shadow slowly winning then Rand moves threw the shadow forces like lightning forcin gthem all the way back to Shayol Ghul for a massive battle. Thats just me though
  13. Im sorry but im pretty sure the Forsaken and other high ranking darkfiends control or influence atleast a good hunk of Rands/The Lights forces, Plus the Forsaken seem to have a problem in dieing anything short of balefire just wont cut it. Plus there is no garuntee that huge Borderlander army isnt being controlled by those Aes Sedai(might be black might not be black) that travel with it Also if Rand took over Tar Valon it would probably cause more chaos and create even more skeptics against the Dragon, also it would take Rand awhile to fully take over the tower even with his Ash
  14. I believe if someone hit the DO with Balefire(mind you it would have to be a hellastrong Balefire) It would put the whole world out whack and even more chaos
  15. Ive always had the thought he was controlling the Borderlanders army that has been in search of Rand, and the Aes Sedai in that army are black...but I could be wrong
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