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  1. I always assumed that she saw Galad as so totally different to herself and Gawyn that she didnt want to be associated with him in that way. Remember at school when you didnt want to admit being related to an embarrassing sibling? I also think that perhaps it is somewhat a case of he is so righteous, everyone loves him, Morgase thinks he's a great example, and the only way a (teenage) Elayne can put him in his place is to point out that he's not, actually, her brother or Morgase's son. I think it's a reasonably normal thing for step-siblings to sometimes dispute their relationship and not want to be connected. Taringail, as already stated, wasnt a model father and Galad is his son by another woman. Perhaps there's a female feeling of protectiveness towards Morgase (even though she came after Tigraine).
  2. The most notorious prophecy states for Rand that 'To Live, You Must Die'. We assume this is his death, along with the 'his blood on the slopes of dragonmount' (if anyone can post the prophecy itself that's be great because I can't remember it all and dont have the books with me). Any chance he's already had his 'death' in the kind of rebirth that he had on Dragonmount in ToM?
  3. ToM Spoilers... hope this is ok not been on the forum for a while! Well, it's all personal interpretation at this stage, isnt it? It was from a prophecy like so many things 'Give up half the light of the world to save the world'. The obvious assumption is that as he sacrificed his eye in order to allow them to release Moiraine, that she is somehow going to have a major impact on the outcome of the Last Battle - that having her there will 'save the world'. However, I'm not so sure. I personally think this is one of those prophecies that could mean any number of things. I'll explain. 1 - previously I thought that Moiraine would be important because she was etched 'in fire' at the top of Rand's mental list of women who have died because of him. I thought that her reappearance would drag him out of his hollow and he'd change. However, he's already had a bit of a revelation. Maybe she's not so important emotionally. Advice wise, however? Perhaps. 2 - the prophecy said that if Mat gave up 'half the light of the world' that the world would be saved (I know, I know, prophecy wording is dubious and misleading) - so... can we stop now? Is it all over? He's given his eye, is the world saved? I dont think so, which makes me think it's not what it seems 3 - The light of the world... I was always a bit dubious about that meaning just his sight. 'Light' means so many things in these books. Having said that, he can 'see' Rand and Perrin. They always describe it as just 'appearing' in their sight. Wonder which eye does the viewing? 4 - Don't they feed on emotion? i'm not sure where i'm going with this... maybe his memories or something are linked to his sight, his vision? he's seen a lot through all the different lives he can remember...? 5 - Moiraine. She's not just important to Rand, is she. There's Lan and Nynaeve to consider. Lan is on his own important crusade which could very well turn the tide (or not), and there's Nynaeve who is (one of) the strongest female channellers for centuries, bonded to him, who Rand trusts implicitly (if he trusts anyone implicitly). If he dies, she'll be destitute. Will she be able to help Rand when he needs it? What if Moiraine sacrificed herself (took Lan's bond back) to spare Nynaeve that anguish? I dont doubt that Nynaeve has it in her to go kamikazi if it would save Lan. 6 - Three Become One. I've never believed this is Rand, Moridin and LTT, I think it's Rand, Mat and Perrin. Perrin can talk to wolves (incredible scouts!) but isnt a wonderful general, Rand is crippled but is the Dragon Reborn and Mat is a half blind world-class strategist. But between them they pack a heavy punch. Plus they can see each other through their mind's eye. 7 - Save the world from whos perspective? Save which world? Mat's world? The Foxes world? When Mat and Rand went through the doorway at the same time (unwittingly), the strain on the world was such that Mat described it as something like 'tolling' as if being inside a massive bell. He had to give them payment to get out, or to take Moiraine, but perhaps if he'd stayed their world would have been destroyed by his ta'veren? I'm probably talking rubbish here. There's so many possibilities. I just have never really believed that they simply wanted Mat's vision to be impaired. How would that help save the world? He's a strategist, a general by nature. His sight is important. I think it's still to be revealed HOW he's 'saved the world'. Clearly he can still see...
  4. I voted that I like them and am in a relationship. I wouldnt particularly say they're my favourite couple - Rand and Min probably win that one, but I do like them. I think how you're brought up has a lot to do with it and it's exactly the same with my other half and me. We're both only children but whereas I was brought up in a close knit family where we saw my grandparents every week and had family outings (my parents are both only children also so I have a small family), he was brought up in a family which is actually massive, but still after 8 years together I havent met 95% of it. His parents went on holiday together and a good argument was always the first option when a problem arose. Blame first, think later. He frustrates me, I frustrate him because I spend a lot of time wondering what my parents think and what they will think to any decision I'm going to make. Of course that's nothing like Faile/Perrin but it does highlight that being brought up differently makes differences to you. Experiences too; Faile is what, 2nd in line to the Saldean throne? Subterfuge, danger and a very great risk that someone will bump you off are all part of 'daily life' for her. Perrin was part of a quiet farming family. Also, remember that Perrin has since lost everyone dear to him. His entire family was killed, right down to little Paet. Faile genuinely is the only 'family' he has; is it surprising he wants to wrap her in cotton wool? She is a senior member of a powerful family, and just like being a woman in a boardroom these days, being able to stand your ground means a lot in those situations. If she was all mild and meek, no-one would take notice of her. She likes Perrin to shout at her to prove he thinks she's a worthy adversary - so? I like to be considered worthy competition too; nodding, bobbing and soaking up other people's opinions because I have none of my own is not for me. The bottom line is that in relationships, there will always be points of contention. What you have to do (which Perrin and FAile are learning to do) is to pick out the ones which actually matter, and ignore the others. Let them go. My other half is regularly 'on the last hop' as I call it. I like to do things well in advance, he likes to do them at the very last minute. But, he's rarely late so in the grand scheme of things, does it matter when it gets done, so long as it does? No. All relationships are the same.
  5. Personally I think Mat's probably the most chivalrous guy we've met, just about. He grunts and grumbles about having to rescue women, but he does it, again and again.
  6. I also think that the 3 ta'veren will be the 'one', but also don't think we're going to get one person out of it - at least I hope not, I couldnt read the Elayne/Min/Aviendha/Tuon/Faile fight chapter I'm afraid. However, what we do know is that they are all losing something of themselves. Rand's mobility with a physical weapon is impaired, Mat has only one eye, and Perrin is part wolf (mentally). It's a bit like the three monkeys - Hear All, See All and (as we say in Yorkshire) Say Nowt. They also have other traits that the others dont necessarily possess. Mat is a good general (more than 'good' in fact). Perrin is compassionate and thoughtful. He is slower to act than the others and spends more time thinking things out. Rand is... Rand. But he's 'our' Rand again. He's strong, not hard now. Then there's the 'additionals'. Mat has the lives of generals past in his memories. He has the ultimate 'Generaling for Dummies' book at his disposal. Rand has Lews Therin's memories, he can remember what he did wrong the first time. Perrin has the experience and the instinct of the wolves which he doesnt forget outside of the wolf dream. Put all of this together, add to it the fact that they're ta'veren and they can 'see' each other in their heads and I think you've got a pretty strong force. Mat has a fantastic strategic mind, and the respect of pretty much every military man he's ever met, Rand has the True Power and the command of almost the entire world, Perrin has a strong, loyal army, a (newly) good relationship with the whitecloaks, and a link to the wolves - he could scout, and count force sizes without ever leaving his tent. The more I think about it, the more I think you've got a military dream team.
  7. I think some complainants get far too worked up about things that really aren't very important. And by that, I'm NOT saying that sexism isnt important - I'm saying that in my opinion, what we see in the books isnt what I would define as 'sexism'. Sexism is the discrimination of a person on the basis of their gender, and that's not what we see. We see the women clucking their tongues and rolling their eyes because the men have been all brutish or rash, or we see the men clucking their tongues and rolling their eyes because the women are fretting over something or giving out orders. That's what happens in real life and it's not sexism. Even the wariness that the Aes Sedai have over the Asha'man isnt sexism - it's a genuine and valid concern given what happened only just out of living memory (for the Aes Sedai). And to be honest, Jordan hams it up as well - I'm re-reading the series again and am only on the first book. Rand, Mat and Perrin are stereotypical late-teenagers. They oggle at girls, they pull pranks and they bob and duck to their superiors. Egwene's a stereotypical 16-going-on-30 year old, thinking she's superior to the boys, then giggling as hard as them when the gleeman comes to town. Throughout all the books I think the main 'culprits' are probably Mat and Nynaeve although neither of them mean it harmfully. Mat may make comments about 'women' but he is, in every definition of the term, a lover of women. Nynaeve harshly admonishes men for doing whatever it is that annoys her - patronising her, most often - but almost every major act she has undertaken in the book has been in order to help a man - she left the village to help the boys (she didnt know Egwene had gone, I dont think), she healed Logain, she helped Rand cleanse the source and so on. None of those things were (initially) of benefit to her personally. If I have to read a bit about how the men think the women are snooty and the women think the men are rough then so be it - at the end of the day, they are ;)
  8. I may be completely wrong here but I just had a bit of a thought. There is the prophecy about 'the three become one' and we've always assumed it's Rand/Moridin/LewsTherin. It probably still is and I'm not so precious about my theory to be shot down in flames, but... What if the 3 are Rand, Mat and Perrin? Rand has one hand, Mat... not sure how much I'm allowed to say in this forum. They can already 'see' each other when they think about them - surely that's got to be the equivalent of a live telephone link during battle? Of course there are several suggestions that this is way off teh mark already: Rand's hand - Min has 'seen' a black onyx hand, which my guess is Moridin gives it to him to make it a more fair battle Perrin - has all his faculties, so to speak. He's not 'missing' anything other than the fact he's part wolf, mentally. I dont think he's going to lose his mind though - he'd have done it by now. I think this bucket's got a lot of holes in it....!
  9. I'm reading tEotW again, for the 5th time, now. As the original poster said, you don't really notice things the first time around, or maybe even the second, and I'm slightly concerned that even now i'm only 'noticing' things because I've read other people's opinions on here and have them cemented as 'fact' in my head which of course isnt necessarily the case. However, without getting drawn into the 'when did Rand first channel' debate (for what it's worth, i think it was rejuvenating Bela) I'd like to offer my comment on the original issue - loss of 'spectacular' events with the power. In my opinion, firstly as time goes on, there is less and less need to do such spectacular things. As has been stated already, relatively quickly, we discover travelling. However, I DO think that our main characters have a lot of very good skills that in their own way, although not full of fireworks and ingenious deceit of the enemy, are quite spectacular in themselves. 1 - Nynaeve can heal almost anything Darlin/Dobraine (I forget which one got wallopped on the head) is the proof of that. Just a few chapters ago someone (Moiraine i think) said that there 'used to be aes sedai could heal when only a spark of life remained, but we have lost so much' - cue Nynaeve. She can also heal being gentled and stilled - quite astounding in itself. I'm not sure how much I can say about her actions in the last book so I won't but anyone who's read it will understand. 2 - Egwene is quite stunning in herself. Of course she has to be or she'd be a pretty boring Amyrlin but her tenacity, her dreaming and quite frankly, the image of her standing atop that pile of rubble in the White Tower battle makes her a brilliant Green. 3 - Elayne isnt my favourite character but she CAN make ter'angreal which again, not too long ago in tEotW, Moiraine remarked as another 'lost ability'. Again, the last book contains some innovation too. 4 - Avi is probably the one most likely to use her power in innovative ways, I think. She funnelled the water out of the river when the guardsman caught fire, and so on. Along with Egwene, she maintained the storm over the valley when they faught the Shaido and Mat killed Couladin. Rand himself is pretty innovative, too. He created the igloo when Avi had gone into the river and so on. However, I think he probably relies more on charsima and 'presence' in the future. The forsaken are probably the ones with the most original uses of the power, however and this doesnt really dwindle out of proportion with their numbers. I seem to remember Rahvin giving Rand a run for his money so to speak in the palace at Caemlyn - did he throw his voice? I can't remember. I'll be back there soon. Graendal has her own little skills; compulsion being a pretty useful one. Mesaana, although I personally think she's reasonably boring as forsaken go, did manage to conceal herself successfully for a long time within the Tower.
  10. Hello, I'm not sure if i count, really. I was a regular on the forums until about 2 years ago, when BS began writing, and then because I didnt want to read any spoilers before I'd read the books and also, I couldnt remember a lot of what had gone before in terms of minutiae of detail, I stopped coming on. I've now 'caught up' as it were, and have started reading the books again from the beginning, for the 5th time. So I may be around, although I need to refresh my memory of people and places before I can comment on too many posts as i've been away too long! Sarah
  11. And Rand is also bonded to 3 channellers - Elayne, Aviendha and Alanna. Technically Elayne is a '3' as she's carrying twins but i think that's stretching it a bit...
  12. Yes, us. *rings Ishamael* S'up chief. Im in. A traitor in the midst!!! ;) ;D :P
  13. Ah yeah I remember it... that's the scene where Sammael told Carridin he was sending 'help' which turned out to be the Gholam, isnt it? Yes I think she got caught - I seem to remember a big house with a cellar and torturing implements.
  14. Rand has 3 women, there were 3 boys from Emond's Field, Rand is caught up in a triangle with Lews Therin and Moridin, there are '3' sides at present - Us, the Seanchan and the Dark, and in minor detail, Elaida had a triptych on her wall of the Dragon (I believe)... Does '3' have a significance?
  15. I dont have the book with me obviously, but I'm sure I remember something in the chapter that mentions him being able to smell death and destruction, which suggests that Nynaeve did know about his talent. I could be completely wrong of course :)
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