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  1. Why would they obey an order so counter to their own self interest? Why do they obey any orders from the DO, knowing what his ultimate plan is?
  2. I thought I saw someone mention these earlier but the thread has grown too long to double-check. If I were a betting fellow, I'd put my money on the big thing being previously mentioned in the earlier books as either being Min's viewing of Logain being destined for greatness or the prophecy that stated (paraphrasing here) he who pulled Callandor out from the stone would follow after (which we know now to be Narishma). You guys can check the timing to see if these happened in the right timeframe and tell me if I'm wrong. Either way, both these guys seem to be destined to play a big role
  3. Sure, it's certainly possible, just pointless. Destroy the pattern, destroy the Wheel so there could never be another pattern, and what's left? What would he be master of? Why bother? That's why I'm wondering what the true ramifications of destroying the Wheel of Time are.
  4. Perhaps, but think about this. In a universe with cyclical time, not linear time, the moment of creation itself is a part of the pattern that the Wheel returns to eventually. There can only be a moment of creation if there is a moment of no creation. Perhaps we haven't really seen a complete turning of the Wheel yet. That doesn't seem to be what RJ had in mind but if it's true, then something HAS to happen to destroy all of creation so it can be created again. I'd actually be disappointed if it turned out the DO never really had a chance to begin with.
  5. Interesting. But the DO doesn't just want to destroy the pattern. He wants to destroy the Wheel too. What happens then? Is EVERYTHING that ever was, is or could be gone? What would be the point? He'd have dominion over nothing. Or, does time stop but the universe continue to exist like Groundhog Day? Except, you wouldn't relive every day, you would relive every moment, effectively being frozen for eternity since there is no longer a wheel to move time forward. What really happens if the Wheel is destroyed?
  6. You know, I never understood this. The DO wants to break the Wheel and destroy the pattern. Balefire burns threads out of the pattern and damages it, so much so that both the good guys and bad guys in the AoL stopped using it, presumably to keep from destroying the pattern - the very thing the DO wants to do. Why wouldn't the DO order his chosen to continue using balefire? Seems he could achieve his goal even from within his prison.
  7. I bought the game when it first came out. I played it and loved it. The storyline had nothing to do with the books but that didn't bother me. The only thing that bothered me back then was that I didn't have a PC powerful enough to play the game with the best graphics settings. I recently re-installed the game on a new PC that far surpasses the graphics requirements for that game and it's even better!
  8. Lot's of people have talked about this. It seems everyone has their own take on it. Personally, I think RJ's depiction of women this way (not all women are depicted like this) is very much deliberate and not because he has anything against women. A central theme that is weaved through WOT is balance. There are a lot of examples of it - light and dark, Saidin and Saidar, freedom and domination, etc. The whole idea behind ta'veren is that the pattern sometimes gets out of whack and the wheel needs to spin out someone to pull the threads back into place. I think what RJ is trying to do is
  9. Wow, all this disappointment in Perrin. Honestly, I'm not sure it's all deserved. You're all entitled to your opinions of course but if it's just that he spent the last two books obsessed with getting his wife back, isn't there something to be said for that kind of loyalty? Also, I don't believe Perrin has forgotten his purpose in being there. He is very much aware of Masema's presence, as well as what decapitating the Shaido will do for Rand. The only thing that kinda' disappointed me about Perrin is that he gave up Manetheren to the Seanchan. I'm thinking in RJ's mind there was somethi
  10. I don't think I agree that the OP is failing. You said it yourself - if the OP turns the wheel... I think Mr. Ares is righ - if there is an age without channelers, it won't be because the OP is gone, it will be because people have forgotten how to use it (or some other reason like they can't use it or choose not to).
  11. Somewhere in a post I think I read that someone is working on assembling all the loose plot threads that we know of leading up to and including KOD in preparation of AMOL. Is this true? I'd love to see this.
  12. Well, if you go to any online dictionary or find one lying around and look up "herb", you'll see that Americans pronounce herb without the "h" sound, like "urb". The British pronounce it with the "h" sound. They're both right depending on where you live. The readers on the CD's are American so it would make sense that they pronounce it the way they do. BTW - I love the audio books. I'm usually stuck in the care 2-1/2 hours each day commuting. They make the drive bearable.
  13. I never thought of that. Elyas did say that the Darkhounds used to be wolves (I think it was Elyas -either him or Masuri).
  14. Any good speculation about what the large darkhound pack Perrin encounters in COT is looking for? Whatever happened to those hounds anyway? Are they still at large? Sorry if this has been talked about before.
  15. That's some funny stuff! Semirhage should apologize to Rand over the whole hand thing though.
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