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  1. I kinda like Majsju's idea... It already happened once, it definitely could happen again!!! And certainly the Horn will be very important in the Last Battle, it's only been chased after in the entire second book. And we've already seen what power it possesses once, I definitely want to see that power again.
  2. No offense to anyone, but hope it's not Modesitt, all of his books have the exact same structure to me... If anyone knows what I'm talking about... NICE... If you don't, go look up L.E. Modesitt on Wiki and look at the critique he has despite him being commercially successful...
  3. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ME IS CONFUSED... Sorry, but I have no idea what's going on ;D OHH, I don't think I was sober when I typed up that first post so ignore me please... ;)
  4. Couple of apologies and statements... ;D @ Cuberey Sorry about the Rey thing, someone else posted a response to you calling you Rey, so I assumed that Rey was a nickname or something ::) I'll take back my statements for a couple of years, until I actually learn what they mean, so until then, ignore my comments... @ Jonn I don't like cats... I'm allergic :P But very interesting rebuttal, I agree with most, but I think that with Verin it can vary. The simplest explanations and the most complex ideas can be the truth with her, there is no reason that you couldn't be correct, but we just don't know... @ Cloglord NICE SIGGY, I LIKE THAT SHOW!!! NICE I like how you brought up Foretellings and Dreaming as one, but I don't think that those along with the Prophecies are enough. Verin has to have another source of information, since dreaming isn't perfect. @ General people I like the idea of Verin following the Prophecies and interpreting them, very good idea. I don't like the idea of following the Notes, honestly, Jonn has me convinced that a Dreamer can't tell the future perfectly, and that there must be another source of information. This source could be the Ter'angreal or the Portal Stones and other dimensions (I think that's what he said).
  5. Well doesn't TOR have some money? They could just pay off the other publishers, and since the return will be so large, the demand for the last book is increasing as we speak, that it wouldn't matter if they paid off the other publishers. But until then, I don't think we'll see the next book anytime soon... PEACE OUT!!!
  6. I think if I had to choose between the girls in the story, I would pick Min as my favorite, even over Moiraine in her more submissive state (if you could call it that), which is also another one of my favorite women (I guess). She would the girl of my dreams ;D. A girl that actually speaks her mind, and yet loves me, that would be pretty amazing. I haven't found one yet! ;D Personally, I think that "being young" is not a good enough excuse, there has to be some brains inside that head. They have to realize that everyone has changed enough so that they can't treat them like they did before. In The Shadow Rising, I believe Egwene sticks her tongue out at Rand multiple times. I'm 15, my girlfriends and friends that are girls never stick out their tongues when we banter. Another good example of childishness, and being ignorant of others. Nynaeve, as I've said before, is positively the funniest character. She is one of the toughest characters in the story at the beginning, and turns out to be a softie for Lan, and obeys Rand willingly later. We haven't discussed the Aiel men and women extensively, and I kind of want to see what everyone else thinks of them, so can we talk about those guys now?
  7. But I thought that the Listeners were a section of the spy network that the Seachan had, maybe I'm wrong but if I'm right, couldn't that information been filtered through to the higher-ups. Which if RAW said, would be the Seeker, and in turn would be Karede or the "rescue team."
  8. I used the statement "stop using science as an example..." since people were bringing in science to the discussion, I pointed out that even laws and theories can be proven wrong eventually and that what we say anyways won't matter (pretty much) until the last book comes out. Now, I'm not a physics major (I'm 15, geez, chill out), but I read what I said in an article (we have to do current events for physical science class), and I did a summary on that article... So what you said may be totally correct, but Rey, no one here understands what you're talking about except Tyrell apprently... And didn't I just ask everyone to stop using science as any kind of example in a discussion about WoT? Science is always changing, with discoveries being made and more. So until we know that there are no exceptions, and that the science we're using is perfect, it's not exactly a perfect argument... Thanks for listening, I won't be back on for a while...
  9. LOL, Cadsuane does has sense, but she's going to make Rand explode, and then we'll see another Aes Sedai death. Moiraine is cool, but Aviendha is Aiel, and no one understands how crazy she is. She wants to run from Rand, except she's in mad love with him, except she hates him, except she loves him, except she's crazy. She can't control her emotions at all, or just doesn't care enough to, she's one of the craziest characters in the story.
  10. I don't think he did much, but he did excite the new riots and the prince guy (forgot his name). He was conspiring with the prince guy and Juilin for a rebellion... But I don't think that was it, I think it was more because Seachan had many spies and could study certain peoples histories... And they would not be surprised if Thom suddenly showed a massive talent in generaling.
  11. YK just pretty much shut down the thread, I can't seem to find anything to disagree with... Although having said that LotR is a more difficult read, I think I agree with Rey more, that it's just a different style, not necessarily a harder read. But maybe that's just me, I'm a little weirdo!!! ;D ;D ;D
  12. Salvatore sounds good, but his works are simpler... Although he also describes the action and battles extremely well, the plot in his books are quite simple and have more base in magic than WoT.
  13. Yeah well your name is Great Lord of the Dark, so it's not unexpected... Anyways, the True Power is what creates saa in the eyes of the user. I don't know exactly the True Power (I'm sure there's a thread about this somewhere, but I haven't read it), but I suspect it's a hijacked version of the One Power. The One Power drives the Pattern, and once the DO breaks out and remakes the world in his vision, I suspect the TP will drive the pattern. Now, I don't understand why he doesn't just have his followers break him out. As we know, Mierin (Lanfear) already has once, I don't know what kind of power it took, but it's possible that they can't do it again. But we know it's been done before, so we can guess on why it hasn't been done again. I think it's because the DO wants to have the world already wrapped up by the time he breaks out. The last time, he was resealed before he could take over the entire world, maybe this time he wants to take over the entire world, then break out. Making it safer for him and his followers to walk Randland.
  14. Personally I believe that Jonn's theories are a bit of a stretch. Possible, but not probably to going to happen... If the author of AMoL decides to create a good book, he's going to have to break the boundaries of expectation, and create a ending that no one would suspect could happen. My ideal finale would be a combination of complications and simplicity. A mix between the "overcomplicated" theory, and a "simple" ending. With the simple seeming on the outside, but when you dig deeper, you realize that the author had thought it through thoroughly and completely and made it seem simple while the undercurrents were extremely hard to navigate through. WOAH, I've just realized how far off topic I've gotten... Sorry, I'll just leave you guys with these thoughts. Jonn seems to take his idea's seriously, and I suggest everyone else do too. RAW also does this, so consider his opinion carefully too...
  15. I think what Jonn's saying is that we can't assume anything... In science when something is proved to be true over and over again, it's classified as a THEORY... This means it's generally taken to be true by the scientific community... However, if anyone is paying attention to the scientific papers (I just heard about this last month) there are some scientists that are about to prove Einstein's Theory of Relativity by making light travel faster than the speed of light (I know it's confusing, just bear with me). Now the Theory of Relativity was one of Einstein's major breakthroughs. Most had believed the Theory to be a staple in the world of science. But now some unknown scientists (that are not nearly as amazing as Einstein was) are going to prove him wrong... Now if you don't get my point here it is: nothing is proven through science. Theories are accepted but not perfect... So stop using science as an example... Anyways, as far as the lawyer thought process goes, that's great. I'm sure everyone has heard of Sherlock Holmes, he uses his superior logical skills and intelligence to solve all of the cases he gets. He's a classic case of using clues that are barely uncovered to prove himself correct. Now his thought process may be like a lawyer (logic, science, whatever), but was anyone never surprised by the turnout of all of the Sherlock Holmes stories? It's not a matter of the clues not being there, or false trails, it's usually because of misinterpretation. Now where I'm going with this is this: we as the people are not perfect. We do not know what's going to happen in WoT. We may speculate through the clues given, but as I've proved above (sorry about that word), speculation is just that: speculation... We don't know what's going to happen... Now Jonn has said earlier that the plot twists and surprises were part of the book naturally and that we have to be open to new possibilites. I agree with this, however much someone believes themselves to be correct they also have to understand that they may be wrong. You have to understand this too Jonn. ;D RAW handled this the wrong way, sparking off another argument about something totally different from the actual purpose of this thread. He said that Jonn's idea was too convoluted (I think), now who're you to say that Jonn's ideas are too complicated? Is your name Robert Jordan? No, and even if you were, you'd maybe consider what Jonn said, and PM him back saying "that's interesting, we'll see what happens." Now where I'm going with my three points is this: everything can be wrong, the most solid theories can be proven wrong. You have to be open to your own failure, and the possibilities of others. Do not make others seem dumb saying that their ideas are too complicated, convoluted, crazy, roundabout, not scientifically correct, whatever...
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