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Been a big fan for about 6 years now, since i first picked up an old discarded copy of tDR at a local church. I originally used this site just to find out about the next book release but I haven't checked it for awhile on account of me moving to Germany in September. So when I came on yesterday at a whim after such a long time to see when the next book was due.... well.... I was pretty shocked and saddened by what I found. Still hurts.


But on a brighter note, I read through the blogs and comments seeing the way everyone came together to mourn his passing and I really became interested in the Online Community for my favorite series. So here I am, ready to begin my journey along the Dragonmount Forums.

From me to you,




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ForgottenSword hello and welcome on DM!


I'm sure your journey along the Dragonmount Forums will be long and happy one! You should check all Orgs first and if you like them just join in! If you like music and travels, brawls and brew, comptitions and dice based games you should check The Band Of The Red Hand Org! We've got 3 splendid regiments you can polish your battle skills in and maybe one day become a fearsome Blademaster, a Great Knight or a Deadly Assassin!  ;D


But remember, whatever you choose, just have fun here!  :)

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Forgottensword, you can join as many as you like, but it may be worth picking a couple to begin with and then adding more as you get familar round the site.


I would like to plug the Wolfkin, we are fun and caring. The home of Chilli and TQ and would love you to drop by. ;D


But have fun and ask more questions if you have them FS, we do like to help....honest ;)

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Welcome welcome welcome.


Great name btw.  Make sure you check out all the different areas/orgs of DM.  With a name like yours you'd fit right in with the Warders.  Our disciplines are based off sword styles and for those that think they are up to the challenge we have a long and arduous program that if you complete you will earn the prestigious title of Blademaster.


I look forward to seeing you around!




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All the orgs offer something fun and unique to the community.  I am sure the others just had a momentary memories lapse as the Seanchan org is a splendid place to visit.  Here we turn up the heat and drink luke warm milk all day... while singing Christmas carols while break dancing! 


*shifts eyes around*


Ok, we may not do all that....




We are the org for your Movie, TV and Gaming discussions. 


Who let me back on this board? 

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