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Hello DM


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Hi everyone,


I already introduced myself in the Newbie Thread but under the suggestion of Barmacral, I've made my own introduction thread.


Not sure what to say, I've finished all the books in the series and am on my second time through it (in the middle of Fires of Heaven at the moment.) I've lurked on DM for a while to keep checking RJ's blog to keep track of his progress.  I heard he passed on the day after it happened and was very saddened for everyones loss, especially for Harriet and Wilson.  I finally got up the nerve to register and post my first question in the TSR Thread here.


I've first read EotW six years ago and I hurriedly finished the whole series, sometimes staying up reading until my eyes itched and could no longer focus from exhaustion.  I'm taking my time this go around to make sure I catch as many hints that I can to those questions we all have.  ;)

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Hey, glad to see that somebody listens to me! *does a small dance*


Say, while you are at it, do 10 pushups!


Anyways, be sure to check out the book discussions, as well as the Orgs and the RP area. You'll definately find something that suits you here.


And like I said before, any questions? Don't hesitate to ask.

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An Org is just a subcommunity with in the DM community. They each have a different focus, some are more serious than others and require more of a commitment(or so I'm told, I have only joined the Wolkin and am loving it, the people there are really fun). You are not required to join any  org, it is total voluntary and you can

unjoin at any time. I hope to see your "new pup post".

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I apologize about the links not being up to date, as they still point towards the old forums. All the information you can find in this forum will be in there. Otherwise you should stop in at the various orgs and make a thread asking them what they are about.

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Welcome to DM!


Which ORGs interest you? The Band of the Red Hand, by any chance? It's the place to earn honour and glory here at DM, while also enjoying the world of music and travel, as that is our ORG theme. We also do loads of other fun stuff, like drink Battle Brew, brawl, beat each other up in our dice-based ORG Game as well as hold festivals of games, gamble and much much more! It's the place to be at DM!


But whatever you do here at DM, have fun! :)

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Guest Stefania Sedai

Welcome, welcome! We are tickled pink and purple to have you with us! And (like Corki) I hope that the info on the Band of the Red Hand caught your attention. We are a great group of people to hang out with and I just know that you would have tons of fun jousting and brawling! Hope that you'll give us a visit!

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