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Verin and the Horn of Valere


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Verin gets back with the girls at the beginning of book 3 and she gives the Horn of Valere to Siuan. But she hid from everyone what she brought back so it would have been a well guarded secret. But what did she tell the Black Ajah was in the bag???

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Only a few people knew that Verin was a member of the Black Ajah (the heart structure meant that most members of the Black Ajah couldn't identify each other).  And those that did, wouldn't have found it easy to ask her.  Alviarin couldn't ask her without revealing her position.  The others in Verin's heart wouldn't have been able to pull rank and force her to disclose.  Darkfriends seem big on keeping secrets from each other in order to preserve power, so Verin could likely deflect any questions.  

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Verin had a few things going for her.

  • Browns are known to be reclusive.
  • Sisters do not often intrude on other Sister's plans.
  • The Black's structure is highly convoluted.
  • There was so much cross planning between Ajah's, let alone individual Black Hearts, that it's impossible to know what would be going against another's plan.
  • The simple ability to lie.

So even if someone had asked Verin about the bag she could, and very likely would, have just lied about it's contents. Make it uninteresting enough and no one is going to want to open it to look.

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She probably didn't have to say anything.  Three Black oaths are simple;

  1. I shall obey all commands given by those placed above me in service to the Great Lord;
  2. I shall prepare for the day of the Great Lord's return;
  3. I shall hold close the secrets of the Black Ajah, unto the hour of my death.

So if someone "above" her demanded, she would have to comply.  But if someone she didn't feel was above her asked, she could lie her butt off if she wished.  It would also come down to how it was asked.  Did the person above her give her a command to say what she brought back or was it a simple question?  There is nothing saying she had to report anything to anybody.  


The only people who are aware of most things would be Alviarin and the "council" but even then we see the forsaken make a mess of things by going directly to individual Aes Sedai.

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