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Game - Executioner


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Congrats! Cold Rocks Hold of the Nine Valleys Sept of the Taardad Aiel. 


Yes perhaps I should, but it is about fun and if no one gets a letter before it is over, the that isn't a lot of fun. Really there was some inspired guessing at seven notches, as there were still lots of common letters to choose from and you couldn't afford to waste another notch. Really thought the odds were stacked against you. 

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The "ol" in the middle of both the first and last word helped. I really couldn't come up with a scenario where one of those didn't end in a "D". But yeah, there was a while there I was worried I'd be personally responsible for all the notches 😅

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2 minutes ago, LilyElizabeth said:

Well done Eirik! Want to start another one?

I was just preparing one, oh Great One!


*thumbs his axe blade*


Unfortunately no one's been stabbed by my axe yet, but maybe this time?


_____ _____ ____ __ ________


0 notches


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1 hour ago, Arie said:

I'll ask for an M, sir.


I like your politeness, but there is no M. R and A appears though!


_RA__  __R_S  S_N_  ON  ROO_TO_S

Letters guessed: A E L M N O R S T 

3 notches

Edited by EirikDaude
Just noticed I'd forgotten an S. And an N >_>
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