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Game - Executioner


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And a J, please. 


Actually should one be polite to the Dark One? Or cast defiance until the last day? Spitting in the eye just seems unhygienic. 


When in doubt, be polite. And keep a stiff upper lip. The corner stones of being British. That and a fascination with hats. 

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Of course you should be polite to the Dark One when in her realm, at least. 


B L A C K    A J A H   A _ _   _ _ E A _ L _ _ _ S   A _ _   S H A _ _ _ S _ A _ _ ,   _ _    _ _ !


There is 1 K and 1 J


Guessed:  A B E H J K L S T

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*Skips around happily stabbity-stabbing random people* 


Oh thank you, Great Lord and Mistress! Yes, I would be happy to erect  a guillotine put up a new puzzle! 


*runs off to think of one*:unsure:

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The Executioner's word was guessed: Lily only gets 10 points!

Delenn, HeavyHalfMoonBlade and EirikDaude participated: They each get 15/3 = 5 points

Delenn solved the puzzle: She gets another 15 points for a total of 20 points.


If I may make a suggestion Great Mistress of the Dark. While it may make sense that the Executioner gets less points for making a puzzle in which the solution is not guessed, it may incentivise using hard to guess solutions which are also not very fun, e.g. __ => "OX". It may not be the best example, as once you have the vowel there are a limited number of words it can be, but I think you can understand my point. Just something to think about.

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