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10 things I hate about chinese


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-reasons 1 to 9: They stare at you all the time, anywhere you go, annytime you go, no matter what they are doing eventhough them stoping what they're doing to stare at you might and will get you killed

-reason 10: the chicks are anal about getting married as soon as they let you do more then just talk :P

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*shudders* You wouldn't believe the things I ate over here, trusting chinese that it's good, only to always find out (afterwards), that it's good for your health and that's where the good stops (though I suspect it didn;t do any good for my health either)

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Guest Far Dareis Mai

Well, I would hate all those people staring at me...

When you are back from there and are on more often, I'll have to ask you some questions...I have tons...

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Dude, starring right back only makes it worse, they DO NOT BACK DOWN! They just get even more amused cus a foreigner is watching ONE OF THEM they can't help but to stare then, it is afterall the only polite thing to do under the circumstances O_O *kills*

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Better yet.





Find a foreigner like yourself and pretend to converse with him in your mother tongue and occasionally point at those people who stare at you and throw your head back and laugh. Psychological warfare.


I do it all the time. Malayalam rocks. 8)

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