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  1. Soliloquy note: click here for an accompaniment.. background music while reading it From far away I have traveled To seek for what is there to find To cure a life that was crippled Escape from pain I left behind From far away I was no one A life in the midst of million strangers Though sired by a powerful nobleman Emptiness became my unrelenting keepers From the walls of our castle I have departed Seeking refuge and chance to fill the void To a solitude that’s freshly scented Alter pained breaths that I may have enjoyed I left a father who never acknowledged me A mother I loved but now in the heavens A lover who sought another man’s comfort And a best friend who comes forth when that lover beckons Will there be a time that I, just I, would be enough For people to see that I am pure and true That valiantly I seek good comfort and love From the people who are sincere though few Indeed I ventured from the city walls And arrived in Rashid Ranch to start a new life I, the new stableman, cleaner of the stalls I, the new hired hand, diligent and rife Though the vicinity is fresh and clear Though everyone is helpful and kind And though the surrounding is very dear Emptiness is still on my mind I miss my father, who could have loved me I miss my lover, who could have been loyal I miss my friend, who could have been trustworthy And my mother, who survived the fall As my thoughts swirled with melancholy My eyes marveled at the morning’s fresh Dew flowed from every leaf and tree Comfort and waking up every warm flesh Formations of white drew nearer, closer Embracing the field with chilling sweetness But what is that sound growing thicker? Groaning echoes like death’s caress My eyes went awide as a horse vanished in sight Leaving a mixture of water and blood Death neighs covered by the monster’s sound of delight As if seeking sustenance, a flesh for its food Closer it came to the ranch encompassing Extending for me, reaching for my body Run! I thought. Thy death is fast approaching But no, I stayed, waiting for it calmly As it neared my body, screams I heard from afar Massive murder, it is indeed happening Sounds of agony produced by this white bizarre Terror and fright, the ranch is succumbing But I just sat there, waiting for the mist Staring at it with final resignation And when it enveloped me in his fist I closed my eyes and waited for my termination At first there was silence Only freshness and chill And then after a modicum of instance It is death I started to feel Air was pumped out of my lungs As I grasped for it with automatic vengeance Clinging to life away from the mist of fangs But defeated I was as I lost my sense As I stared at nothing my mind went whirling For I know I am about to fade away Numbness encompassed me, death enveloping I was just lying there, realizing this is my last day I felt peaceful, I felt calm I felt quiet, healed by this balm I see a light, far away its brilliance Rejuvenation from its radiance I felt all my pain washed away As death gnawed at my very being Part of me wanted to stay But this peace is much to my liking At last I feel not, the pain from my family At last I know not, the betrayal from my friends Alas, its not there, the love that I lost Everything is starting to mend… I closed my eyes, for I no longer am here For this new feeling I am about to endear Death is the cure from my past longing Its acceptance I am now encountering I want to live… but live this way… I want to leave… and leave this day… Oh my creator, fly me away, far far away from here…]
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    A Riddle

    either he used a straw and drank from the already opened jug or the man with the already opened jug poured the water directly in the other man's mouth
  3. The two riders cut through the forest with average swiftness. Dust rolled behind them as they emerged to the clearing, making them visible to every inhabitants of the area. Standing tall and proud a couple of short distances away was the castle. Sentries were posed guarding the entire area. The wind flapped the flags that were on the walls that surrounded the vast area. People bustle to do their everyday jobs. The normalcy of the entire event and place cloaked the shadows that lurked inside Andor. What a beautiful and formidable castle, Andor, you will grow through your real master, the m’aeshadar thought. The two men reigned to circle the castle so they could pass through at the back entrance. “Riders!†A sentry called. With impressive haste, a couple of soldiers lined up for the inspection and observation of the two as they approached. They still couldn’t see the riders. Ranulf slowed down and trotted slowly towards the entrance. He looked at Gareth and told him in his eyes to alight from their ride. “Welcome tae Andor.†Ranulf said. “It’s not my first time to come here.†Gareth said boringly. “Of course.†The m’aeshadar said, impressed that Gareth didn’t squirm in his presence knowing that he’s a chaneller and a m’aeshadar to boot. He toyed with the idea of sucking the air out of the arrogant man’s system and show him nonchalance. “Halt!†One soldier shouted. “Identify yourself!†The young soldier said. Ranulf only stared. “Open th’ gates.†“Didn’t you hear?†The soldier said as he looked down upon the two riders, really oblivious about who they were. Ranulf only looked at them sentries irritatingly. He tilted his head in askance. Suddenly, another older sentry came rushing. “Master Ranulf!†The older soldier said, and then looked at the young one and slapped him in the head. “I beg your pardon, master. He’s a young and new recruit, and a show off. Forgive us.†He said. The young soldier swallowed in his embarrassment and looked at the two apologetically. Ranulf just smiled, to Gareth’s amazement, he thought. Well, m’aeshadars have emotions after all. “’Tis alright man. Is the Captain-General here and about?†He asked without introducing Gareth to them, not yet, “Business.†The older soldier said. “Ahh.†Ranulf nodded and understood. “Tend tae our horses then.†He beckoned. Then to Gareth. “Let’s go.†He lead him inside the palace. Ranulf Astrinid M'aeshadar of Rahvin
  4. i know you!!! *looks closely* err... no i dont i'm Rand.. there we know each other now :) I got a dog too, but when my work posted me in a country in the far east, my dog was kidnapped (dognapped?) and eaten :( oh and by the way, you can visit the SG division, you dont have to RP or make a character, you can just the whackiness :) you are very welcome to join us *waves* see ya Rand SG DL
  5. Hello all, My name is Ranulf, nickname is Rand :) I am the Division Leader of the Shayol Ghul Division. I just want to introduce myself coz even if I have been an oldie in DM, I've always been holed up in SG and havent really socialized. Plus my work takes me everywhere so I .. bleh :) ANywayz, Yeah, I Lead the SG DIvision :D A humble division it is full of funny trollocs and witty dreadies, plus the CHosen play peek a boo all the time :D See? They're not so bad. SO, if you guys wanna say hi or just wanna visit us, scroll down the DM boards and find it there "SHAYOL GHUL DIVISION" or just click this: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=84 Our offsite boards is here www.shayolghul.lyanna.nl its just temporary coz we're going to move in our boards. yay!! SO, feel free to visit us ok? Take care a bunch *waves* Cordially, Rand SG DIv DL
  6. wait until our turn... The SG Division... hehe, we will surprise you :) though yeah, kinda funny, our own bubbles attacking us:D
  7. Ranulf released his hold on his t’erangreal. It frustrated him that even a high ranking m’aeshadar like him couldn’t even open a gateway without using the darn relic. His master recognized this limitation in him but to his comfort, his master didn’t think him differently, or at least that’s what he thought. They landed in the vast lands of Castle Andor. The castle could be viewed from where they stood but they were still afar away from it. His master had warned him and the other dreadlords to not to channel nearabouts the castle even if the place is protected. He mentioned that the Chachin incident had come to conclusion and that due to that, spies lurked everywhere; some of them could be channelers. Hence, they landed inside the forest. As the wind swept the grounds, neighing horses were heard. “We halt ‘ere. Follow me.†Ranulf, the m’aeshadar said as the other followed. Behind a great oak, two steeds were securely tied to it. “We ride for Castle Andor.†He said as he left the other man to tend for his ride. Without looking at Gareth, Ranulf mounted and told said. “Follow me. Hyaaa!!†Dust rolled in the ground as his steed galloped.
  8. An ember fell from its scorching environ as the mother flame continued to dance boldly in its inglenook, so seductive that one would be tempted to touch such a simple magnificence and overlook the immediate instance of becoming painfully ensnared. Each wave of its body fashioned silhouettes that were consequently eerie and beautiful. Every flick of its yellow hand styled shadows a-murky that were playfully bustling in all walls of the quarters. Suddenly, the chunk of ember was lifted from its misplacement by silky threads of handsome white. The translucency was wrapped around the live cinder, which was then thrown back to the fireplace. Sparks flew; little lights jumped, making the fire dance more boldly for a second, much brighter, that it illuminated the man sitting with nonchalance at one room’s corner and the other figures sleeping in the bed, with which one was naked. Ranulf Astrinid, M’aeshadar to Rahvin (and Sammael to some extent since the two Chosen allied), sneered as he stared at the two figures in the bed. He arrogantly crossed his one leg to the other as he measured up the other two occupants of the room. Admittedly, the man knew well how to choose his women, Ranulf thought as he admired the woman’s slender body, which glistened with the light. The man beside him was obviously a soldier, as shown by the good contours of his body. The man was the object of his errand. Ranulf arrived just a couple of unit time passed. He entered the quarters without waking up its occupants, deciding that he should rest and sit for awhile. He was to deliver a message to Gareth coming from his master Rahvin. As the man in the bed stirred, the m’aeshadar channeled and directed the weave to the fire. Silken threads of red wrapped the flames and made it vanish, bequeathing the area with the gloom colors of the crimson night. Only the shaft of moon beams that passed through the curtains lit the room. Movements stirred in the bed as Ranulf remained seated. Suddenly, the bedside lamp was lit. Amused eyes met alert ones as the two men stared each other for a quarter of a second, then, to Ranulf’s amazement, the half naked man moved swiftly as he grabbed his sword but not doing anything about it, just letting it lie there beside him. “What are you doing in my room?†The man asked. The lady beside him stirred. “Gar…†She was about to say but her eyes met Ranulf’s and she moved beside her man. “Who is he?†Ranulf remained silent, amused. “Answer the question, man, or you wouldn’t like the welcome I would bestow.†Said Gareth. “I would prefer tae answer all yer questions without th’ woman.†Ranulf, still sitted, nonchalantly answered. “I assure ye though, I am not a foe.†Gareth wouldn’t easily believe Ranulf, years of being trained in combat doesn’t make one gullible. The girl fidgeted. “No…†Gareth started but as he looked at the seriously but amused inclined head of Ranulf, she commanded the girl to depart. A moment later, the lady closed the door as Gareth garbed himself with his clothes. “Now speak.†He said. Ranulf nodded and stood but before he opened his mouth to impart his message, he looked at the fireplace and channeled, enveloping the minute space with silky weaves of fire. Then and there, Gareth knew, the man was a channeler. “I am Ranulf Astrinid, M’aeshadar to the Order of My Master. I came ‘ere bearing a message from th’ Captain-General of th’ Royal Andorran Army. Furthermore, I was commanded to deliver ye tae our Lord.†“Master Rahvin.†The name was divulged. The two nodded in accord to acknowledge that they are both in the same order. Ranulf knew that the man in front of him would play a vital role in their Master’s design to conquer everything. Though he might be the highest channeler in his master’s wing, the man in front of him could have been in the same rank as him. “Ye are tae bring yer army near Andor tae replenish them and mayhap join with th’ entire Royal Army, post-haste. Gae an’ command yer second tae move.†Ranulf continued. “While ye will come with me to grace our master’s presence upon his arrival.†Ranulf then concocted the silky patterns of a gateway, preparing it for their departure. Ranulf Astrinid M'aeshadar of the Rahvin-Sammael Alliance
  9. He slowly opened his eyes as the moon’s beam lit a part of his face, disturbing his not so peaceful slumber. The wind blew and entered the royal room and swayed the white curtains as it filled the quarters with a comforting cool; the light from the outside escaped the satin sheets and lit a portion of the room. Ared Mosinel smiled and for awhile marveled at such simple creation. He sat up and stared at the sleeping form beside him, Queen Aramila, Queen of Andor, his beautiful lover. Though within his pride he accepted that he only captured the interest of the queen due to his compulsion talent, he also acknowledged arrogantly that should he not need her hastily, he could have gone and did his usual amusement which was the courting game. Nonetheless, he needed her post haste to commence his plans, which already started a few years past. As he stared at Aramila, Rahvin’s emotios was again in a quandary. He is a Chosen and due to that he already had forfeited his right to his destiny. Having even a twinge of an emotion with the queen would surely sour his plans, not to the mention the wrath of his great lord should he deviate from his strategies. He has no right to feel, only to conquer. Frowning, Rahvin removed the sheets from his body, stood up and tried to block his thoughts that make him what he thought as weak. The light from the outside glistened in his naked body which was acclaimed by a lot of his past lovers as chiseled by the creator himself. Quietly and bare-footed, he strode towards the windows and then rested one hand in the pane. He closed his eyes and inhaled, savoring the evening breeze. He opened his eyes and smiled as he surveyed the lands that would be his. The queen’s quarter was situated high in the castle, overlooking a large part of Andor. It is where Rahvin stood and scanned his properties which were now being caressed by the moon’s touch. And then he remembered, he was supposed to attend a rendezvous, a meeting with the Chosen. His face twisted with scorn as he remembered them, the bloody lot. It had been a long time since the same gathering was held. He now wondered what triggered this pending event. “My love.†A lovely lady voice purred behind, disturbing his thoughts. Rahvin slowly turned and face the owner of the voice, who was awed by the sight that greeted her: her lover’s body silhouetted by the moonlight and half of his face, making him look more dangerous complimented by a manly appeal. “It amazes me why I’ve never got tired looking at you.†The queen said as she pushed herself up in the bed and covered herself with the sheets. Although his mind said it’s because of her being under his compulsion talent, he said, “And I you.†He walked towards her. “You’re awake, as always, during this eve’s fine hour.†She asked. He smiled, reached for her lips with his thumb and touched it softly. “Just pensive, my lady. Crops and revenues for accounting, inventory of the arms, issues from agriculture.†He kissed her softly then. “Go back to sleep, my lady.†Rahvin said, but Aramila’s hands snaked into his unmentionable region. He smiled as he took her hand and rather placed it in his lap. “Not now, my dear. I need to attend upon a gathering of lords.†He lied. The queen frowned coyly and Rahvin chuckled. “You wont regret the wait, my lady.†He said and kissed her again in the lips and then in her hands. “Now rest.†The queen smiled in her sleep as he went to don his clothes. Simple but immaculate, he wore his usual white shirt and black breeches, and a black overcoat that has golden streak indicating his nobility. Ready to depart, he wove silken shapes of the power to travel and meet his ally, Tel Janin. They discussed beforehand that they will arrive together and probably make the others see and concur that there was indeed an alliance between them. It was not a concretized idea, only a suspicion. Notwithstanding, they’re strategy was to throw them off the scent when time comes. As they entered the world of dreams, Rahvin smiled amicably to all the people in the place. His eyes met all on by one and then he nodded to Sammael so they can part ways, at least in the room Rahvin strode near the windows and listened as the conversations started. Listening ah yes, a simple exploit yet a mean to rule them all… Ared Mosinel Rahvin, The Prince of Dark
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