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  1. It was an online ad from Kmart's website. They were selling a $2000-$2500 laptop online for like $750...
  2. Better break out with the Martha Stewart brand toilet paper, because a bunch of K-Mart execs just pooped their pants.
  3. Noggy

    Coca-Cola Blak

    Because it's good :P
  4. Noggy

    Coca-Cola Blak

    Dammit Fader. 10 bottles wasted, meanwhile I've got ALL that empty room in my fridge??? You truly have no soul... :evil:
  5. Noggy

    Coca-Cola Blak

    Link to website Has anyone tried this? First of all, the website is pure and utter crap. If I had seen it before actually trying the drink, I probably wouldn't have even bothered. Luckily I stumbled upon the stuff at Wal-Mart, not having a clue what it was I was buying (all I knew was that it was expensive, $5.00 for 4 little bottles!). Secondly, if you don't like coffee, stop reading. You won't like this. But for the rest of you...this is actually good. It's a mixture of Coke (Diet Coke actually, but they fail to mention that) and coffee. And it actually tastes like...well...Coke and coffee. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this and whether or not they liked it. Or perhaps the caffeine content caused your hearts to explode...*shrugs*
  6. Mine's all nice and fixed *nods*
  7. I just built a PC a few months ago just to run Oblivion. It's a resource hog. But then again, NWN2 is supposed to be one also.
  8. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion = waaaay better than NWN But NWN and its expansions are still fine games, especially for the price *nods*
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