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  1. *dusts off his old Yellow Ajah membership card* Damn right I'm welcome here! *looks at card* Okay, well, THAT is actually my bus pass back to the Blight. But...I USED to have a membership card. I was the most awesomest Yellow...
  2. *feeds Nyna the burnt nacho flakes* Wait a minute... *realizes Nyna was part of the nacho flakes* *tries to understand what exactly just happened* *tries REALLY hard to understand* *farts*
  3. Narg! You let the nacho cheese overcook! Now it's burnt nacho flakes! I said 'low flame'! I guess that's what I get giving instructions to someone whose bird brain is smaller than ... um ... well ... uh ... smaller than something very small. *stirs flakes* Maybe nobody will notice the difference...
  4. Look! *points* That guy's not hailing the Nacho Cheese Cookpot! *shakes fist*
  5. *stirs cookpot* Whatever you've got, toss it in. Nacho cheese makes anything taste better, whether it's a warder, a novice, or even a fade. Just no gluten-free crap. Noggy demands gluten!
  6. Hmm... Doesn't look very appetizing... *dumps nacho cheese over everything* That's better. *nods*
  7. *puts on his Yellow Ajah dress* Okay, kind of tight around the butt since the last time I wore it, but whatever. Let's go.
  8. I miss the Yellow Monster. Does that still exist anywhere?
  9. I think you need an arrow first. And a bow. You're just standing there with a half-eaten carrot and a yo-yo. You're not fooling anyone.
  10. Songs have been sung about my wretched squeal. And dances have been danced. And stories have been told. And pants have been stolen. The only thing you ever hear about Narg is how polite he is to little old ladies, and how he helps rescue kitties from trees. Disgraceful! But then again, Disgraceful is your middle name. Nargbert Disgraceful Rodriguez!
  11. *lathers in feces* *lights Narg on fire* OBEY THE COOKPOT!!! It's our leader now.
  12. I don't know, Roka is a lot like a trolloc cookpot: Old, rusty, hasn't been washed on a really long time... But I suppose he lacks the intelligence that a good cookpot possesses. And the charm.
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