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D. Weapon Scores & Blademasters


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This is a UNIVERSAL system and applies to ALL groups.




Weapon Training can come in numerous forms. From formal Tower training under the mentorship of a Gaidin and or a Guardsman, serving as a city guard or a Royal Guard in any country. Children of the Light also teach how to fight. Or perhaps you are from the Borderland and have been born with a blade in your hand. There are limitations in learning, but there is more versatility in what is now available.


With a smaller scale than previously, we have structured it more to highlight weapon preferences and overall technique.




Weapon Abilities:


Instead of our previous 'Primary', 'secondary', etc style of weapon preference, we are introducing a new way to categorize each character's preference and ability with their weapons based on their Weapon Score. 


Inability: The opposite of trained—you're hindered whenever you attempt a task that you have an inability in. If you also become trained in the task, the training and the inability cancel each other out and you become practiced.


Practiced: The normal, unmodified ability to use a skill—not trained, specialized, or an inability. Your type determines what weapon skills you're practiced in; if you aren't practiced with a type of weapon, you have an inability in it.


Trained: Having a reasonable amount of skill in a task. Being trained eases the task. For example, if you are trained in climbing, all climbing tasks for you are eased. If you become very skilled at that task, you become specialized instead of trained. You do not need to be trained to attempt a task.

Proficient: A step above being trained, proficiency reflects a high level of skill and comfort in performing a particular task. When you're proficient in a skill, you demonstrate a mastery that allows you to handle challenges related to that skill with ease and finesse. Tasks associated with your proficiency are notably smoother and more effective than those of someone merely trained.


Specialized: The pinnacle of skill and expertise in a particular area, specialization denotes a deep understanding and unparalleled capability. When you're specialized in a skill, you're recognized as an authority, able to accomplish feats that others can only dream of. Your mastery is finely honed, granting you significant advantages and allowing you to push the boundaries of what's possible in that skill domain.



Approved Weapon-types:


Types of weapons are broken down into a few basic groups of categories; close, bladed weapons, momentum weapons, ranged weapons, and reach weapons. While it is assumed that if one knows how to use a Bow they are familiar enough to know how to use a compound bow. The same applies to other weapons of similar types.


The only unique is the Shield*. On its own, is not considered a weapon but can be considered a style or part of their Discipline. If your character preference is to use a Shield it will be listed with the primary weapon it's trained with: Ei: Sword and Shield. Until you reach WS 11 this pairing is considered "Trained".


  • Sword
  • Archery (Bows & Crossbows)
  • Spear/Stave/Bo
  • Mace/Axe/Hammer
  • Unarmed/Martial/Daggers
  • Shield*





A starting weapon score is assigned as below, with a limit of 0-9 for New Players, 0-13 for New Characters of previously established Players, and no limit on transferring Legacy Characters. These numbers are your starting numbers based on where you start in your biography. Know that Biographies will reflect this scale, and not the other way around.






ALL NEW PLAYER Biographies will fall under this category, with history to reflect active skill development.

Weapons: Limited to 2 weapons; 1 Practiced, 1 Trained.

0 - No working knowledge of weapons. (UNTRAINED)

1 - Passing Knowledge - You can chop wood, chicken, heads, etc. Hammering nails isn’t that difficult either.

2 - You’ve held a weapon, and you can even hit immobile objects. Trick shots are fun but you’re working on it.

3 - You understand more about weapon safety and what NOT to do. Carve a decent fruit statue, fillet a fish in the wild, and not ruin it.

4 - Holding a weapon is starting to feel more intuitive. You understand that the sharper the knife the less you cry when cutting onions. And you’re fast at it. 


TRANSITIONAL - Finding a Teacher (Roleplay Requirement)

Weapons: Limited to 3 weapons; 1 Practiced, 2 Trained.Unlimited Untrained.

5 - Life skills are not the same as disciplined skills. Either you have found a teacher and have come to understand that you have so much more to learn, OR you have found yourself in a situation where you realize your skills can not hold up against a skilled opponent.



Weapons: Limited to 4 weapons; 1 Practiced, 2 Trained, 1 Proficient.

6 - Few things teach you how to learn more than actually teaching the basics to the new kids. Congratulations, you are still hammering out the basics but you’re much faster than the new kid. 

7 - Training is one thing, Experience is another. Somehow those skills are sticking and are now more natural in movement than forced, and instincts are no longer so clumsy. Or so you feel.

8 - You've surpassed the basics and are now delving into more intermediate techniques. Your movements are becoming smoother and more precise, showing a marked improvement in your skill. You're beginning to experiment with different tactics and strategies, honing your abilities beyond simple proficiency.

9 - Proficiency is within reach, but there's still a distance to go. You're refining your techniques and pushing your limits, seeking to excel in your chosen discipline. Challenges that once seemed daunting are now met with confidence, though you recognize that there's always room for improvement.


TRANSITIONAL - Acknowledgement (Roleplay Requirement)

Weapons: Limited to 5 weapons; 3 Trained, 2 Proficient.

10 - You have done the work and it’s starting to pay off. Maybe your pay is better, people are betting you in fights and the odds are more in your favor. That promotion to the next military rank has been approved! While you understand that you still have much more to learn you certainly are no slouch!



Weapons: Limited to 5 weapons; 2 Trained, 2 Proficient, 1 Specialized. Unlimited Practiced.

Discipline: Assign a Unique Discipline.

11 - You've achieved a level of expertise that sets you apart from the rest. Your skills are finely tuned, and you're able to execute complex maneuvers with ease. Others look to you for guidance and inspiration, recognizing your authority in your field. Yet, you remain humble, knowing that true mastery is a lifelong pursuit.

12 -As a master of your craft, you command respect and admiration from all who witness your prowess. Your abilities are unmatched, and you're capable of achieving feats that others can only dream of. You're a mentor to those who aspire to follow in your footsteps, sharing your knowledge and guiding them along their own journey of mastery.

13 - With each passing day, your mastery deepens, and your legend grows. You've transcended the boundaries of ordinary skill, becoming a true virtuoso in your discipline. Your name is spoken in hushed tones, revered by all who hear it. Yet, you remain dedicated to your craft, continually seeking new challenges to conquer and new heights to reach.


MASTERY - GROUP LIMITATION (Roleplay Requirement)

Weapons: Limited to 5 weapons; 3 Proficient, 2 Specialized.

14 - True mastery isn't just about skill; it's about understanding the essence of your discipline on a profound level. You embody the principles of your craft, effortlessly weaving together technique, intuition, and creativity to achieve unparalleled feats. Your mastery transcends mere expertise, elevating you to the realm of legend.


GRAND-MASTERY - GROUP LIMITATION (Roleplay Requirement, Staff Approval)

Weapons: Limited to 5 weapons; 2-3 Proficient, 2-3 Specialized.

15 - At the pinnacle of your art, you are a living embodiment of perfection. Your every action is a masterpiece, executed with grace, precision, and purpose. You've achieved a level of mastery that few can even comprehend, let alone aspire to. You are a beacon of inspiration to all who seek excellence, and your legacy will endure for generations to come.




Character Example:


Using an NPC - Everett Whidbey - as an example as a Trainee, this is how his Weapon Score looks. His only skill is in Swords but he is learning to work with a Shield with the sword.


Everett Whidbey

WS - 5

Trained - Sword

Practiced - Sword & Shield


Using an old character - Cairma Vishnu - as an example of an Experienced Blademaster, this is how her Weapon Score could look. She was rather unique in comparison to Everett's desire to be simple and defensive.


Cairma Vishnu

Furyforged Berserker - Blademaster

WS - 14

Specialized - Zweihander (Bastard Sword), Dual Swords

Proficient - Daggers

(Formerly a member of the Ren'shai)


Note: Just because a character can train in 5 weapons, they do not have to train in 5 weapons.




Not every aspect of weapon skill can be summed up in a simple score or number. Experience can say a lot about a character and how they work in relation to their surroundings and each other. Not every battle is done with a blade, often the mind learns just as much as the body. 


Moreso, no two warriors are truly alike. Defining a particular discipline is up to each player, or may adopt the discipline of another through roleplay.


Disciplines must have a basic "Title" and generalized description to be considered Official.


Roleplay Requirements


These are specific Roleplay designed to both celebrate and acknowledge the work a character puts into growth. These are single Roleplay that MUST be completed in full before transitioning into the next rank. Their completion must also be verified by a Staff Member before continuing.


Group Limitations


Weapon training is universal, but should not be the priority of everyone. A character should reflect this but also understand that a character incredibly skilled in knives with cooking is not the same as someone skilled in daggers for killing. 


ALL non-military groups cannot surpass WS 10. Exceptions such as Cultural Nobility and Story need to be approved by Staff.




A Weapon Score can be "leveled up" from ANY Thread. For every 5 threads, with 5 posts or more by your character, you may raise your score. {At this time, we are allowing 3 threads that have 8 posts or more by your character too.}





Blademaster Status is not a Weapon Score, but a status between peers that use a sword. There are fewer than 100 men (or women) in the nations that are considered a Blademaster. They are incredibly rare, and with their informal acknowledgment, the only way to identify one is by the Heron-marked Sword they carry - should they even be given one. Blademasters are not exclusive to Tower Guards, or the White Tower


There are two ways one may become a Blademaster:

  • Must best another Blademaster in single combat to the Death.
  • Chosen by a group of Blademasters (no less than five) as an Equal.


Even these are not hard-fast rules, as some Blademasters have died in combat but the champion is not recognized by the other Blademasters. If you want to become a Blademaster, you have to find other Blademasters who are willing to acknowledge you as an equal.

Requirements to be a Blademaster IC:

  • Petition OOC to become a Blademaster. 350-500 words.
  • Must complete 5 IC Duels, success or fail is not a requirement.
  • In Character recognition from peers of being ‘nearly as good as’ a Blademaster. Must be another swordsman. It can not be your own character.
  • Minimum consistent Activity of 6-8 months.
  • Staff are not required to approve every Blademaster Application. Space is limited.
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Weapon Score Registration


PM RP Staff to be added to this list.


  • Aeodan Damar - WS 12 -  Played By @Arie
    • Specialized - Sword
    • Proficient - Archery
    • Proficient - Unarmed
    • Trained - Daggers
  • Ashar Dovinhald - WS 9 - Played by @Wayfarer
    • Trained - Sword

    • Practiced - Spear

    • Practiced - Archery

    • Untrained - Unarmed

  • Ebony "Eb" - WS ?? - Played by @Cass
    • Proficient - Dual Short Swords
    • Proficient - Daggers
    • Trained - Mace
  • Elessar Telcontar - WS 15 - Played by @Elessar
    • Specialized - Longsword
    • Specialized - Unarmed
    • Proficient - Archery
  • Everett Whidbey- WS 5 - (NPC)
    • Trained - Sword
  • Kai Morath - WS 11 - Played by @Matalina
    • DISCIPLINE: Power Augmented
    • Specialized - Quarterstaff
    • Proficient - Sword


Known Blademasters







Numbers under the 0-15 System:



Numbers under the 1-10 System:



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