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Eb, Band of the Red Hand/Military


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** NB character originally created circa ?2000? - roleplayed throughout. Intention to keep active in Legacy, and new timeline **


Character with rough 'Street kid' childhood, severe emotional instability, PTSD



Ebony, but those that like their head where it is are safer calling her 'Eb'. Last name unknown. 

Legacy timeline: Mid twenties (exact DOB unknown)

Place of birth:

The Rahad, Ebou Dar, Altara.



Skin: Olive/dark tan

Hair: Jet black, very short. Usually wildly cut/hacked with knives.

Eyes: Coal black 

Height: Short – 5’2” to 5’3” 

Build: Medium to light

Distinguising Features: Incredibly feisty Altaran temper; many scars (most noticeable located on right side of face in elongated ‘S’ from outside corner of eye to bottom side of jaw).


Mental & Emotional: 
Despite the fact that physically, Eb's strength and fighting skills are honed to a high standard (the Rahad and time with the Band have left her with little choice but to improve or die in that regard) - mentally and emotionally, she's a wreck. 


Young kids living (and often violently dying) on the streets don't exactly make the most nurturing or balanced of role models to grow up with, and being forced to flee her home city after finding her entire gang hanged, and then taking up a soldier's life probably haven't helped either.

She is quick-witted - but that 'intelligence' has only ever really had opportunities to be applied to street smarts, fighting/survival. She has no formal education, other than the military training she received in the Band. 


Emotionally, Eb is ... extremely volatile. Her ability to experience or process emotions in a healthy manner is basically non-existent - she has a social-emotional intelligence of close to zero, and a sympathetic nervous system that is hardwired to fight every physical threat, and/or any 'fuzzy' or complex emotion. She tends to 'function' in varying degrees of aloofness, cool arrogance, hot temper and rage. 


'Positive' exceptions to the above include a sporadic, skewed, 'loyalty/dedication' that she has managed to show a very, very select few people in her life - and, as street and soldier life would have it, pretty much every single one of those is dead.


She may have learned new skills and a new way of life with the Band, but some things will never change - she is slow to trust and quick to anger, automatically arrogant and inherently defensive. By nature a fighter, regardless of the situation, she's definitely the type to strike first, ask questions later. 



- Scowling

- 'Playing' with knives

- Fighting (knives, dual short-swords, mace)



- Fear/terror of the OP/channelers.
- Blind hatred for CoL.
- Complete lack of socio-emotional skills (including frequent failures in anger/emotional management and manners). 

Terrible at:

- Archery.

- Handling/riding horses.

- Haircuts.


Character History:
Eb was born in the Rahad. She has no idea when or to whom. ‘Raised’ by a gang of street kids, she learnt everything there was to know about survival in the backstreets and canals of the roughest city in the known world. By around the age of six she knew - from experience and consequence – every single one of the unwritten rules of living on those streets. She could steal enough food and coin independently to keep herself from starvation, she could climb like a cat, fight hand-to-hand like a mountain-lion caged and run full-speed across the roof-tops of the Rahad and the rest of Ebou Dar. Most importantly, she could fight with knives. Proficiently. 


Eb's reputation and skill grew with her, and eventually it saw her at the head of a gang of street rats. A few years into that endeavour saw her entire gang hanged for thieving. The trauma of their fate saw her flee Altara, for good. She has large memory gaps relating to events of that time, but for better or worse, this is where her blind hatred of the CoL developed.


She'd had close to 18 years of experience surviving in the streets by the time she left Ebou Dar – and it showed itself in every possible way: the way she walked, the way she constantly scanned the shadows and the body-language of passers-by, the constant vigilance for and assessment of any and every possible sign of threat, the automatically calculated alternate routes and escape paths in case of danger, her skill with her knives, her confidence and often blunt or downright arrogant attitude, and her many, many scars.


She found the Band of the Red Hand as she fled. She stayed, at first, for the food. As fights and battles came and went, she stayed for the food and the purpose her place in the ranks gave to her life.


In some ways her time and allegiance with the Band helped her development by offering a new way of life - one with a measure of routine, food security and purpose. She was proud of the additional weapons skills she developed, the rank she earned. On the other hand, the battles and army-scaled blood-baths she was involved in, the deaths of many 'friends' and the frequently increasing signs of the Dark One's touch on the world - followed by Tarmon Gai'don itself - also deepened her damage. 


Character Reputation:

As a senior officer in the Band, Eb had fought and survived blood-baths like Tarwin's Gap and Tanchico even before she fought in and survived the Last Battle. She most definitely earned her ... formidable... reputation throughout the ranks for her rough/blunt/volatile manner as well as her weapons skill (WS history -from 17 onward). 



Generally, anybody who had links with the Band of the Red Hand from the time she joined. Including:


Kai Morath ni'Gilyard (Channeler)

- Adopted son of her friends Nox (Asha'man) - (Legacy character played by Matalina) and Merdyn Gilyard (Asha'man) - (Legacy character played by Oddpositions).


Character Goals: 


First and foremost, Eb still needs to learn how to appropriately 'emotion', and how to interact with others.

Following Ascension Arc

- Explore/address her extreme uneasiness/terror of channelers 
- Deal with any unresolved 'emotion/trauma'.

Moving beyond 'Legacy', goals would be to fill in more of the 25-year gap between stories and find some meaningful role for her to fulfil in the 'new' world.

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