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Warders Yard- Calvin Gulwin- TG trainee

Calvin Gulwin

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Name: Calvin Gulwin


Age: 18


Birthplace: Bellwan, a small village in Northern Andor


Physical description:



blue/green eyes

dirty blond hair thick and wavy grown out unevenly to his neck



Always giving a weak smile and obvious forced outward appearance of being happy. If you look close enough you can see haunted eyes but rarely looks people direct in the eyes to be able to show that. Usually keeps head down and if given a compliment he's quick to point out bad things about himself.


Character History:

Born on a farm one of 6 children, 2 boys and 4 girls. Calvins brother and him were expected to do all the heavy labor as soon as old enough but that was never what he had wanted. Calvin wanted to be in the kitchen with his mum and sisters learning to cook and make clothes. He would ask sometimes but that usually lead to his father screaming of responsibilties and how in the farms was where his sons belonged so for awhile he gave up. It wasnt until one day when his father took the family into town to try and sell some of their extra corn that the feelings returned. Calvin saw a group of girls in town and stared at them longing to be one of them in their cute dresses spinning smiling and laughing. His gazes got taken the wrong way by the town folk and they just thought him a creepy leering boy up to no good and told his father of their concerns. That night the screaming turned physical and his father left a few bruises he knew what Calvin was staring about and meant to end it for good. 


It work for another year or two but the feeling were always there taunting Calvin while he cursed himself always muttering to himself, " why cant you just be a normal boy for once!" It was on his 17th names day that it happened, Calvin thought everyone was asleep so he crept into his eldest sisters room silent as could be. He quietly tried on one of her dresses and for the first time in his life a real smile shone on his face. A quick spin and the skirts twirled, but as quick as the smile came it disappeared as his sister shouted, "CALVIN!" Quickly the whole family ran into the room to behold him in a dress and the disgust on all there faces tore him to pieces. After getting redressed in his proper clothes his father gave him one silver coin and said, "You will never be my son so take this and be gone and never return!"


Calvin wanted to die what kind of bad life did he live in his past life? How was he to survive on his own and alone? He didnt even notice he was walking into town till he got there to a commotion. In town six Aes Sedai and four Warders were passing through on their way to the White Tower. A thought popped into Calvins head, maybe if he went and died fighting for the White Tower he be honored enough the next time the wheel spun him out to not live a life like this. Calvin wasted no time he found what the commotion was about quickly. Four ladies dressed in red, one in green and another in blue, two of the men had top knots and the other two were golden haired and just looked tired. He approached one of the men with top knots and asked, "Sir, may I join you and be taught to fight with you?" Suprised the man turned to Calvin and laughed," A little too scrawny arent we lad? Why dont you return home and tend to your family fields lad?"


Calvin lowered his head in shame and quietly muttered," I have no home" discouraged Calvin started walking toward the White Tower alone. That night sleeping by a tree alone was filled with little to no sleep. At first light he started walking again and was suprised by the sounds of that same mans voice," Persistent aren't we? well we cant in good conscious let you wander out here by yourself can we? If you really want to get your scrawny self killed I guess we should at least try to teach you a little, Gabin is my name." Calvin was hoisted on his horse and thats where he rode for the next month as they traveled to the White Tower.


During that month the four warders try shoving sword forms and different weapons at him but it was all so much to process it wasnt till about the third week that he found some peace. Gabin took him hunting that early evening and they came upon a small doe and Gabin handed him a bow and an arrow. Calvin quietly nooked the bow pulled back the string and tried to find this inner calm the Warders had been talking about. Breathing slowly he started trying to think about when he felt right and it came to him. He was in front of a mirror in a silk gown his mother smiling putting powders on his face, all of the sudden he notice he could see the deers heartbeats feel its breath from so far away. Smiling he centered his focus on where the heartbeats were and let loose the arrow. It didnt even make a sound the arrow glided through the air and the doe didnt even take a step before it dropped dead. Gabbin laughed gleefully shouting, "Now thats a good shot boy!" 


They ate the remnants of the doe all the rest of the to the Tower but when working on sword forms he never seemed to find that peace again to much commotion and one form after another being shouted at him. Every melee weapon seemed to heavy or not right for him it just got so discouraging which is when they arrived. Words just cant do justice to your first sight of Tar Valon and the giant magnificent Tower that sits in it's middle. Gabin laughed at him as he saw him gawking, " Close that mouth boy, this is where your real hard work begins! I hope your ready."



Character Reputation:

always downcast eyes hard to look anyone in the eyes, rest is yet to be determined.

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 @Calvin Gulwin

Please respond to this thread by January 31, 2024 or this character will be moved to INACTIVE.

You can reactivate this character at any time. Just PM any member of the RP Staff!

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