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Hey guys I just joined the Kin. Could someone please tell me what exactly you guys are all about? I think I might have picked up a little bit from looking at other threads and Orgs but I wanted to make sure I knew what exactly went on here before I started posting random stuff.

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Hi Pe, glad you decided to join here as well. :lol:


Someone will be along with knitting needles and a sash for you very soon.


*pokes Pe with green shiny needle* :lol:


The Kin is a lovely place... its all about the people and the friendships. *bounces and hugs*


We have monthly exchanges and projects and all sorts of things. But we're not real hung up on points or ranks or anything, although there are some. I'm sure Lor or Moiraine will explain it all to you far better. Meantime just have fun and browse around. 8)



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lol, Welcome Pe!


*wraps a blue sash around Pe's hips and kisses both cheeks*


Now, as for what we're about...


it's pretty easy...





..and NO DRAMA! The fastest way to get kicked out of here to start drama. Since that's our only serious rule, I haven't had any problems with enforcing it. LOL I hope to keep it that way.


Otherwise, HAVE FUN! :D

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Omg' date=' you're joining the Kin too??? Are you stalking me??? :shock:[/quote']


Oh yeah your locker isnt enough for me anymore.... no I'm just kinda cruisin around and lookin into different orgs, and i figured this one looked decent, did it ever occur to you maybe we have similar interests? ha ha.... No i learned not to stalk you anymore *smiles as he reflects upon past conversations*

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