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  1. Question: Is this just within the WT org? Basically, if we don't post in here once a month we get cut from the ranks? Or can we just post anywhere on DM? Also, if we get cut out for not posting and then return later, will our ranks be returned? Not that it matter much for me... haha
  2. I love that video. Watch the mike guy's face towarsds the end, he's trying so hard not to laugh!
  3. Well my theory was not that the balefire caused the link, the theory part was the thing about the abrupt removal of Saidin causing the sickness. Where is the part about each getting sick when the other uses the Power?
  4. To win at Snakes and Foxes you have to cheat. Olver doesn't believe so though. So he hasn't reminded Mat of what it takes to win, he's teaching him that you do have to cheat to win. How do you cheat? Well when they enter the Tower of Ghenji they would have to find some way to smuggle in Iron, Music, and Fire. I found this on some site. I can't remember what the source of Iron was, but the Music was Thom's bard's voice and the Fire was Mat's strikers. Maybe Olver exists to remind Mat that he will eventually have to cheat to rescue Moiraine.
  5. I was listening to some of the older podcasts last night and I noticed that everyone seems to believe that Rand's dizziness and double vision and all that when he siezes/ releases Saidin is related to prolonged exposure to the taint. I have a different idea. The dizziness is a result of the meeting of balefire in CoS. If you think about it, it all makes sense. The taint drives men mad, not sick. Sickness is not a precursor to insanity. Also, and more importantly, think of the effects of balefire itself. It erases things in the pattern BEFORE they die. If a weave was balefired, then
  6. I voted Min, but she barely came out over Elayne. I love how Min is so protective of Rand, always quick to check her daggers. It's rather funny. Elayne.... I don't know why I like her, I just do. She is so much cooler than Aviendha. Aviendha would be annoying as a lover. She doesn't really have any contact whatsoever with Rand after that she runs away to the ice place and they do their thing. Elayne at least thinks about him.
  7. Poor kids, my family tree is nowhere near that complex and I lose track of everyone I'm related to. *pities the children*
  8. Ello Ello! Welcome to DM. We have lots of fun here, and yes your addiction will be helped. That is, we will make it stronger. Come join the Black Tower and Shayol Ghul for some good spamming fun! The Aiel is a great way to go too!
  9. In Winter's Heart, chapter 22 "Out of Thin Air" there is a part near the beginning where Lews Therin Telamon is speaking in Rand's head. He says: "You destroyed them already. Now you have someone else to destroy, and not beforetime. How many will we three kill before the end, I wonder." Lews Therin and Rand are obviously 2. Who is the third? Or is LTT so crazy he just can't count? Also in Winter's Heart, lately when Rand siezes or releases the Souce he gets dizzy, but has also been seeing a mysterious face flash across his field of vision. Who is that face? Is this anything like P
  10. I think you'd enjoy the Black Tower. It is a fun place to hang out and spam, and we laugh a lot. A little heavy on cursing, but not too bad. However, we don't post much at DM. We spend more time at the offsite boaards.
  11. So is there any way I can make everything white like it was a while back? I really liked that!
  12. Say 'Aemon's'. If you pronounce it with a long A it almost sounds like 'Edmond's'. I was actually considering that too, and that was my conclusion. They forgot how to spell, because they were a farming community that didn't really need to write, and eventually the pronunciation altered alightly and the spelling went with it.
  13. I wanna know why everyone thinks Graendal did it. What would her motive be? I personally have no idea who it was. I do think it was a Channeler, though, because it just says "death took him." If he were stabbed or something it probably wouldve gone into more detail, or at least give a hint. RJ better tell us who it was in Memory of Light, cuz I'm going insane!!
  14. Hey, good eye there. and good taste in literature. Yes, I am named after the assassin, but unfortunately I have no Stiehl.... *slumps and sobs* Does anyone have an enchanted dagger for me?
  15. Amen, sista. Down with Dubya. then again, Celio says nukular too.... scary.
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