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Party Time!!!!!

Asha'man Shar'aman

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Seeing as all the high-ranking members have disappeared, and the M'Hael is gone, let's show our dedication to the craziness of the BT by having a party! *Grabs tainted brownies and alcohol* C'mon people! @Lavandula, @StarRisk, @Ranch Doritos, @Dar'Jen Ab Owain, @Wolfbrother31.

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13 hours ago, Lavandula said:

Since it seems to be the only somewhat active thread in here I vote...









Haha! Yeah that’s true. BT isn’t very active. It’s sad since this is such a great club idea. I guess you and I are just kinda trying to keep it afloat until people can get back. I think we should keep it going too. *casually reaches through a gateway and grabs some snacks* Anything you want, My Lady Lava?

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Too true..I haven't gotten to far with the books so I'm honnestly not very updated on the BT, but I do see the potential here, it is kinda a spammy group lol, and fun games and spam is easy to join in on if one are new or even if one have little time to spare. 

*sips applecider* well thank thee kind sir but I am all set cheers ?

Hey we should tots brainstorm in the ideas thread!

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1 hour ago, Lavandula said:

Ok just save a crumb or two for newbie? 


Btw did anyone tell you about the discord chat? We didn't have an official BT chat before to day ofcourse..but we do now?

Haha! I will. Maybe. 


I didn't know about the discord chat. Is it like an invitation thing or what?

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