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  1. If you listen to the NY Comic Con ... Rosamund basically confirms we will have Winternight at the end of E1.
  2. I think that's legit. When I first read EoTW as a kid - the Fade chasing them & Trollocs WAS the initial bad guy...and Shadar Logoth was so... Ghost town creepy. Mix in Padan Fain acted well ... We can get by mostly without Forsaken in S1. But got to have me some Lanfear in S2; and I think they have cast her, either that or Faile?! Check this out - talking about the one in the middle - https://images.app.goo.gl/Fp6LA1iWuGhpNCbt7
  3. Yeah, I like that...and I liked what Rosamund had to say about it in the panel as well.
  4. After so many months of nothing...Shazam! Hype!!! He's not at all how I pictured Logain. Not...Regal enough. But I think they're going for Haughty and Insane. Nevertheless. I like it! Also, only about half the shots were new. We'd seen the rest of that previously. I like that they're representing the taint on Sai'din with black! And that spear block with air is how it should look. They should've done the Alanna arrow scenes like that!
  5. Winternight is definitely how E1 ends... Rosamund says as much on the panel. You can listen here: Also ... This raises my confidence in the show tremendously. I really think it's gonna be Huuuge.
  6. Oh my... Best promo yet. Love the Shadowspawn. Very well done. And... I think perhaps they've cast Lanfear! Very excited for this. I think they nailed the design on Fades and Trollocs. Even better than LoTR orcs and Black Riders.
  7. I really like the chick they got for Elayne... Ceara. She looks the part. I think the other two are Verin & Lanfear. Any other theories?
  8. Where did you guys hear S1 would cover stuff from book 2 & 3? Pretty sure that's not true. If memory serves... S1 will have material from New Spring & Book 1. And there's stuff even from that that's been cut & moved to S2 ... Like Caemlyn and Trakands.
  9. I agree ... despite many months of people complaining about casting on DM ... I really think they're going to do a great job. The little things in the clip even that they get right: Rand moping over Egwene. Nyn gripping her knife. Moiraine ignoring Nyn. But they got Lan's entrance wrong. Lan is Warder supreme... And the cowboy saloon entrance isn't Warder-like at all. Warder's need to embody over the top protectiveness ... Even if that's not "girl power-y" Core to basically all the men in the story is that old fashion notion that men should protect women. And the women being like, "Pah, how silly men are thinking we need protecting... We're tougher and smarter than they are."
  10. Gonna carve some pumpkins & perhaps find a hayride/apple orchard for date-night with the wifey.
  11. This poster is fire! Love the Trolloc head.
  12. You're right of course ... That scene in LoTR was pretty bad. But that's also why the LoTR marketing team wouldn't have given us that as the first scene we saw! Lol And yes. This feels like that. On the other hand... The posters & pics are sweet!
  13. I hope this alternative version is close. But I also could see: 1) Logain battle & being captured - Liandrian conversation with other reds ... He's a false dragon; it's our job to protect the world and hunt these men down. Moiraine part of the capture. Injured. 2) Moiraine healed. Moiraine convo with Suian remembering the prophecy. Hints at WT factions. Moiraine and Lan sent out. Traveling on the road together. 3) Padan Fain bringing news to EF. 4) EF introduction - some of that stuff - Wisdom Ceremony - Rand & Egwene intimate - boys friendship. 5) Rand sees Black Rider & talks to Perrin and Matt --- we see the rider is a Fade with Trollocs --- minimal dialogue about killing the boy 6) That entrance scene at the Inn 7) Winternight battle End of episode one!
  14. This is how I felt too. Initially, I really didn't like it. I read all this... And I feel a little better. There are some neat attention to detail things. And there is not context to the scene we saw. Having a hard time though - with the whole thing feeling ... Like an over-dramatic, cowboy entrance into a saloon ... But I think if Winternight is freaking awesome in how they do fighting and channeling. All will be quickly forgiven.
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