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  1. Obviously there can be vastly different "takes" on what WoT is about/"the core of the characters and storytelling" But if that's a Waygate in the poster ... It's further confirmation that @Thrasymachus is right. It's like throwing up a middle finger to the fans. It's not ... even ... close. And any "true fan" who really cared about the books ... Would go to the back of the book to the glossary and pronounce your main character's name right.
  2. I feel the opposite 😞 He feels the wheel of time is about "balance" and not "good vs evil"?? What?!! They changed a lot but stayed true to the characters and heart of the storytelling ... But they were really looking for a diversity of casting... These kind of statements makes it so that I have a hard time believing it's not just gonna be chalk full of a certain modern political agenda that is NOT the heart of the characters OR the WoT. BUT, nonetheless, I'm excited... November is right around the corner. And then we'll all see!
  3. I'm not convinced that's a weave or a way-gate... I think it might be wind or grass... And Shadar Logoth.
  4. Full trailer by end of August!? Love this. I'm very excited.
  5. @SableSage ok. I have another WoT character in mind. Guess away!
  6. @SableSage do you want to pick a character and we guess??
  7. Personally, I was really thankful for Knife of Dreams because if you think Winters Heart is bad... Brah, you ain't seen nothing yet. Most of my friends who started me on the series back in like 2000, never finished because of Crossroads of Twilight. So yeah. 8-10 are a slog, and honestly I thought RJ had lost it and his writing just sucked. But then whalah. 11 was really really good. So. Yeah. Push through. It's worth it.
  8. YES! Artur Hawkwing was who I was thinking of. @Asha'man Shar'aman wins. Your turn to think of something now!
  9. I don't remember anywhere in the books where it talks about this person's spouse - but it definitely talks about their descendents. According to wot.fandom.com they were indeed married, so ... Yes
  10. That's true. And would have been very clever... but it's not Rand.
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