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  1. Thanks for your Advice, Yea ill add you on discord, since i managed to find you via the Server, from an old message you had sent. @Cass
  2. its just im confused on more then just The Fandom page eta.
  3. Yea, I'm confused. I've read the threads and pins about getting started. As i want to be an Asha'man. only thing is im confused on how to fully get everything done, like i understand making a character, then emailing eta, but like do i put it on the Fandom page for DMRP? I just need someone to explain it, prob be better if you had Discord to help explain it since im on discord just about 24/7. im in the DM Disc, and i use my DM handle for my Discord.
  4. Hello! Just recently joined DM and BT. super Stoked to be here! (BT has been one of my favorite factions in the WoT universe).
  5. How is Everyone this fine (but rainy) day? In all honesty you may know me from the Discord Server and if you do, Then nice to see you! However if you dont know me from the Discord, Then Let me introduce myself! I like going by Ranch by the way. Anyways! I'm a good and goofy guy from the United States, just recently got started on DM. And I'm finishing my first read of WoT and i'm glad I stumbled upon the series by accident. favorite book so far is A memory of Light, followed by Towers of midnight and then The Dragon Reborn. Favorite Character(s) has got to be Matrim Cauthon, followed by Rand and Perrin, And lastly Moraine. I'm currently on The Last battle, Although i havnt started the Chapter yet, i plan on starting the massive chapter today. So nice meeting everyone!
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