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Would you want to be Immortal?

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I would definitely want to be immortal. I would have the opportunity to read everything I wanted to read, and experience all the things I've ever wanted to. People say they would get bored, but for me, society changes, and there would be new things created and developed as time flows on. The caveat for me regarding immortality is aging. I would want to stop aging, and my body not decay under me.

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I'd love immortality BUT it has to go with eternal youth ?

Don't wanna spend eternity as a rotting corpse either.


And if not eternal youth, some pretty neat technology like in Altered carbon or the 100





There are a lot of stories where immortality is offered and there's a catch, you have to give your soul, eat people, ... ? But let's assume there are none or at least one that is acceptable ?




As you said, there are so many places to visit, so many books to read, so many things to experience, ... a lifetime isn't enough. What about all these new inventions, discoveries, space exploration, ... ? I would love to witness it all. And, I think that if you stay a part of society and adapt to it, you wouldn't get bored.


(Speaking of this always makes me think of this scene in Interview with the Vampire) ?




I wouldn't want to spend all that time alone, though. So I'll probably offer immortality to the people I care about the most.




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the problem with such stuff is if hardly come in singles, and we already have an overpopulated earth where people on top of it lives longer and longer...and it causes issues


so sort of on the fence of it, besides if you begin to stand out aka your not one of many, people take note, people get curious, they want to test it and so on and forth...it may become very unsafe too ?


yes realism killed the cat ?


so then you are starting to build on the conditions for when you would want to be imortal, and the deeper you dig the bigger that list will grow...

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On 10/23/2020 at 2:55 PM, Liitha said:

if you begin to stand out aka your not one of many, people take note, people get curious,


So here's my answer to that...I'm totally fine with relocating and starting a brand new life ?. Yeah, as humans, we need to connect, and I would spend time with people. But as they died, I would move somewhere, spend time alone for a bit being anonymous, etc. I would go into immortality knowing those I loved and cared about will die, and I would accept it. I'm not saying those losses wouldn't be difficult, because they would be, only that it's a part of what I'd have to deal with if I were immortal. I think I would spend a lifetime with people, and then spend a few decades or so doing my own thing.


Hayls: I LOVE Interview with a Vampire! 

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I have read the Anne Rice novels many times, so of course, Immortal! The Vampire Chronicles and the Mayfair Witches are amazing and I learned so many lessons, from her pov, about the pros and cons of Immortality. Still gonna choose it, every single time. No doubt about it. Love Interview with a Vampire! I even like Queen of the Damned, but mostly for the soundtrack cos it is certainly an interesting take on the series haha I try not to go into things, movies and books especially, with preconceived notions and expectations. Just be happy they did something, rather than letting it fall into oblivion, replaced by the real nonsense in entertainment ?

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