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The Writers Club is Proud to Support YOU in your journey through the written word. 



The WC Point system is an adaptation of the previous system used to gain 'rank' within the Club. While the club itself doesn't lend itself to any sort of higher rank per-say, this purpose is to show activity and personal bragging rights with growth. In order to pass through the ranks you’ll need to complete challenges and prompts. These are broken town into Two Categories: EASY and HARD. Both gain you rank in the same manner, keeping things equal across the board, while Hard will gain you the Notoriety expected of completing a task. Consider it Hardcore mode.



The point breakdown is as follows. As the club grows I would like to add more challenges and such into the lists. If you have a suggestion, please PM the Club Leader. 


  Easy Points

  • 25 Points - Weekly Word Prompt Submission (DM Roleplay Post Allowed)
  • 25 Points - Shredder Constructive Feedback
  • 50 Points - 349 or less - Short Story (Prompt/Challenge/Contest)
  • 100 Points - 350 ~ 999 Words - Short Story (Prompt/Challenge/Contest)

   Hard Points

  • 50 Points - Shredder Submission
  • 100 Points - 1000+ Words - Short Story (Prompt/Challenge/Contest)


The following titles are granted as follows. "Hardcore" can be added to any title when over 50% of your earned points are done through Hard Challenges.  Titles & Points may shift as the club grows.

  • Apprentice - 500 Points
  • Journeyman - 1500 Points
  • Master of ____ (Title to be approved by Club Leader) - 3000 Points
  • Grandmaster of ____ (Title to be approved by Club Leader) - 5000 Points


Each WC member is responsible for tracking and keeping their points & links up to date. The Club Staff will ensure that everything is tracked as fairly as possible, along with updating any lists of rank upgrades. PLEASE KEEP YOUR UPDATES IN ONE SINGLE POST.



We are all authors in our own right, and many of us have off-site blogs, websites or other. Using the following post as an example, feel free to link appropriately. Advertising is generally frowned upon, so consider this more of a "How to Contact Me" that is public. Anything you want to keep private, I recommend not posting.


Please keep extensively long posts of links to prompts between [ SPOILER ] tags for ease of reading.

Thank You.

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Rank: Member & Club Leader

PenName: Aubrey Queen

Author Website: aubreyqueen.com


Playlists: YOUTUBE


Point Total: 0




TOTAL   -   POST   -   LINK

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Rank: Member

Pen Name: AJ Hunter

Author Website: https://aj-hunter.com

MC Blog: https://themindofnox.com


Point Total: 100




25pts - Cauldron (Sept 1-7 weekly prompt)

25pts - Lab Equipment  (Oct week 1 weekly prompt)

50pts - Shredder: The First Hunt Opening Paragraph (shredder)


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