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Welcome Lethira to the Band of the Red Hand!!! I am Cairos and I am the XO of the Band. You are the newest recruit to join the Band. 


*hands Lethira a bandie to drink while some

of the band members arrive*


Tell us a little about yourself and how you came across WoT and the Band of the Red Hand. Also feel free to join in any of the threads that interest you.

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Thank-you for the welcome. 


My journey to finding the Wheel of Time was a long and round about one -we passed each other once order twice before becoming properly acquainted.  I LOVE words and reading, throughout school I was typically bookish and bullied -fantasy was my escape -I'm sure that rings true for plenty of people.  I fell in love with Tolkien and devoured everything he wrote quickly.  A few people put EoTW in my hands over the years -figuratively and practically.  At first it did not gel for some reason -which is odd because it was precisely the type of book I loved.  I believe things happen for a reason and in the right time.  When finally we became friends, I discovered that it was not just a story but a series of lessons that I needed to learn.  -Accepting your situation, accepting who you are and not being budged despite outside influences.  I know that a series has gotten hold of me when I find that one special character I identify with and yep, it happened here too.  


Outside of reading, I have studied Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu and Tai-Chi and used to enjoy obstacle races (sadly I don't have the time to devote tot the latter now).  My other passion is travelling, my most recent adventure was Peru -I definitely left a piece of my heart in the Andes.


*raises a cup to all* drink hale!

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Welcome welcome welcome!! I'm BB, eternal squire of the cavalry. It sounds like you've had a journey getting here, so welcome home 🙂

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Welcome, Lethira.  I am the resident non-alcoholic drinking member (which is an oxymoron as a member of the band)  LOL.....  So how about an iced tea....  :biggrin:  I used to have a special name for my iced tea but forgot what it was...so now just iced tea...  *sigh*  

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