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  1. Lethira

    Jak o' the Shadows - Take II

    Recruit task. We'll ride hard with the band, And cut a swathe through the land, At the end of the day, we'll spend our pay And dance with Jak o' the shadows. The men will shout from the keep, The wives and daughters will wail and weep, We'll drive them off like sheep And dance with Jak o' the shadows.
  2. Lethira

    What to keep, what to drop?

    I really hope that they don't go down the road of overly sexualising/presenting us with wall to wall carnage. It is a difficult balance to strike when you have stakeholders wanting the best results for their money. I hope they keep Robert Jordans version of swearing -blood and ashes! Fishguts! etc. for me, that is a staple of the world building.
  3. Lethira

    Welcome Lethira

    Thank-you for the welcome. My journey to finding the Wheel of Time was a long and round about one -we passed each other once order twice before becoming properly acquainted. I LOVE words and reading, throughout school I was typically bookish and bullied -fantasy was my escape -I'm sure that rings true for plenty of people. I fell in love with Tolkien and devoured everything he wrote quickly. A few people put EoTW in my hands over the years -figuratively and practically. At first it did not gel for some reason -which is odd because it was precisely the type of book I loved. I believe things happen for a reason and in the right time. When finally we became friends, I discovered that it was not just a story but a series of lessons that I needed to learn. -Accepting your situation, accepting who you are and not being budged despite outside influences. I know that a series has gotten hold of me when I find that one special character I identify with and yep, it happened here too. Outside of reading, I have studied Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu and Tai-Chi and used to enjoy obstacle races (sadly I don't have the time to devote tot the latter now). My other passion is travelling, my most recent adventure was Peru -I definitely left a piece of my heart in the Andes. *raises a cup to all* drink hale!
  4. I'm currently revisiting all things Inkubus Sukkubus.
  5. Lethira

    Voiceovers. . .

    Yes! They recently replied to a Twitter thread that they would be interested.
  6. Lethira

    What to keep, what to drop?

    I do not think there is much that actually needs cutting, paring back -yes but outright cutting I'm not sure. I think the more pressing question is character cutting, obviously a lot of the named Aes Sedai etc. could be combined -TV has a different way of describing the scope of the world; we do not need to know everyone's names. If handled right, then the 3 lovers could work well; it is far enough into the series they will have time to gauge audience reactions and if necessary, adapt. The books have an innocence about them that IMO most TV audiences do not expect.
  7. I would see more of the forsaken and have them to be an actual threat. I thought for the most part, they weren't explored enough and when the protagonists came into contact with them, they fell over pretty easily.
  8. Lethira

    Confession Time

    I buy extra stationary at work when they offer free gifts. -We currently have about 6 boxes of marker pens.
  9. Have read and understood the rules and submitted the questionnaire.