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  1. The fall of the tower was one of the best parts IMO. As we saw more and more of what the Black Ajah was up to, it was clear just how much of it was their handiwork. At that point, I hadn't read New Spring and did not realise why Siuan and Moiraine had chosen to be so secretive and was blaming them for keeping the secrets to themselves. For me, as I read it all I could think was 'we are screwed'. It was not until tea with Verin, that I realised just how infested the tower was. Fantastic arc and kept me hooked.
  2. Like to Dislike Egwene. She had such promise, I felt that she finally learned some humility with the Aiel. As soon as she got the Amyrlin seat she went back to being arrogant and self conceited. The final nail in her coffin for me was Nynaeves test for the shawl. It was clear that the Aes Sedai went overboard with it and yet Egwene (her supposed friend) went with the cruellest blow. I don't think she understood what it meant to be a 'servant of all', she was instead a slave to her own ego. She was amazingly well written but I could not stand her.
  3. Just finishing up on my reread of AMOL. 1. Andhrol. Yes, he and Pevara were lovely together and I enjoyed their dynamic, however, I felt that he took time away from the other characters I had shared 13 books with. 2. Siuan and Moiraine. I wanted a reunion, that was a real sticking point for me. 3. Moghedien. Really did not need to see her dragged off in a collar, I would have preferred to have finished with her skulking about quietly 'somewhere'. It felt a little bit too much like a clear victory for the Light, I would have liked something to be unresolved.
  4. I did not start reading until after RJ passed, I read a lot of the reviews on BS additions to the series. I love both, I did find it useful to take a couple of weeks break between Knife and TGS so I could get RJs voice 'out of my head'. I would say, form your own opinion. It's worth making sure you read the introduction BS wrote to TGS, whether or not you enjoy his work, you can see how much he loved the series and revered RJ.
  5. I really hope that they don't go down the road of overly sexualising/presenting us with wall to wall carnage. It is a difficult balance to strike when you have stakeholders wanting the best results for their money. I hope they keep Robert Jordans version of swearing -blood and ashes! Fishguts! etc. for me, that is a staple of the world building.
  6. Yes! They recently replied to a Twitter thread that they would be interested.
  7. I do not think there is much that actually needs cutting, paring back -yes but outright cutting I'm not sure. I think the more pressing question is character cutting, obviously a lot of the named Aes Sedai etc. could be combined -TV has a different way of describing the scope of the world; we do not need to know everyone's names. If handled right, then the 3 lovers could work well; it is far enough into the series they will have time to gauge audience reactions and if necessary, adapt. The books have an innocence about them that IMO most TV audiences do not expect.
  8. I would see more of the forsaken and have them to be an actual threat. I thought for the most part, they weren't explored enough and when the protagonists came into contact with them, they fell over pretty easily.
  9. I buy extra stationary at work when they offer free gifts. -We currently have about 6 boxes of marker pens.
  10. Thanks, I'll give both groups a look.
  11. Hi There, I've lurked a little bit and have finally taken the plunge and created an account. I'm a massive fan of Robert Jordan (obviously) and Brandon Sanderson. I spend most of my time reading fantasy -always interested in recommendations. Wheel of Time occupies the number one spot on my favourites, I'm a particular fan of the Aes Sedai. When I don't have my nose in a book, I enjoy martial arts, weight lifting, long walks in the country and travel.
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