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Hello (from the Philippines)


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Hello, Just call me Kevala. I'm new here though I've finished reading Wheel of Time since 2016. One of my favorite fantasy books.


Anyway, aside from making friends with people who also have interest in the book, my intention is also to research the contents of the book to its full extent. Truth be told, I really loved the book that I don't want it to end. Thus, I want to write a fanfiction based on the Wheel of Time series. However, before I do that, I want to see all the contents of the book in detail. And I hope to find them here. If I do finish writing the book, I will post it in this forum first before anywhere else. I can also share the notes I already have and maybe the members can help me in developing the plots. I hope I'm not violating anything in this forum or any law in trying to write my fan-fiction.

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Thanks Illian Tear. I'm not really a good writer too. Not as good as real writers anyway. But, like I said, I don't want the Wheel of Time to end so I want to write a story that tends to "continue" the saga... I can really use some help with my notes and materials. Though I did find a WoT encyclopedia, I need to inject some new ideas into the story and I want to hear opinions about it. I'll discuss them in detail in another post... if the forums will allow it.

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Hey Kevala, I encourage you to check out the Tuatha'an Camp for writing or if you like the idea of RP/collaborative writing where you can be a character in your book/story, you can always join the Turnings of the Wheel RP: Revolution One forum to do a what if story or change and come up with your own version of the WoT world.


If you are looking for a WoT companion book check out the The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time or the Wheel of Time Companion. There is also a wiki page for the WoT.


Glad to have you here!  We love discussing the books so ask away, there are many with encyclopedia knowledge here, not including myself.

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Welcome, Kevala. I totally understand not wanting the WoT to end. 


However, it is my understanding that fan fiction is not allowed here due to Robert Jordan’s wishes. Hopefully someone will come along and either confirm or deny.


We have a role play forum where you can write your own character into a Wheel of Time setting.


We do have social groups based on the WoT. You might like them. I spend most of my time in the White Tower. You can even earn the rank of Aes Sendai or Warder. 


Spending time here is my way of continuing the Wheel of Time.


Again, welcome.

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Thank you for all your posts guys. Good thing you told me about it @Ryrin. I was not sure whether Robert Jordan or his wife would allow fan-fictions like J.K. Rowlings did with his Harry Potter novels. But if I did write what I intended, it will not be in this forum. I just want to gather some in-depth knowledge into the world of the Wheel of Time. Actually this is already my 3rd time reading of the entire series and there are still a lot of mysterious treasures buried. I want to find all those treasures so I can use it in the story. But if writing the story will violate some rules, then I will abide by it and defer to the rules. But for my own private enjoyment, I will still try to work on the story but I will not publish it until I get a go signal.


Thank you for your invitation @Ryrin and @thehumantrashcan. Can you give me a link so I can join these groups? You see, I'm an AB Philosophy graduate and a fiction-fantasy enthusiast. What really takes my interest are the paradoxes found in the world of Wheel of Time. Why would the Dark One's prison be accessible to men? Is Tarmon Gaidon really the "Last Battle" or is it a recurring event as Herid Fel believed? How is Dreaming related to Foretelling? And other mysteries left unanswered.


If I follow the world-setting of the Wheel of Time, perhaps I can find the answers to these paradoxes. Actually, I already have a working theory - a world view - that I plan to use in my story. However, this world-view must collaborate with the world-view of the Wheel of Time to show continuity. I have to find all the "buried treasures" I believed still undiscovered in the world of Wheel of Time. Of all the fantasy books I read, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time has the "biggest world" in any story I've ever read. It has the biggest collection of characters, plots and sub-plots. I can't get enough of it even after reading it 3 times.


I'd really like to join your groups and get your opinions on this "world-view" I came up with. This world-view is not the story itself, but only a foundation that would help in the development of the plot of the story. But I'm not sure if I can share the story plot without breaking any rules so I will not tell the plots of the story but just the world-view. I hope other fans can comment on this world-view I came up with.


Again, thanks for your replying and I do hope I can discuss my ideas with you further. I also hope you can guide me since you know more about the world of Wheel of Time better than I do.

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Redundancy again... I tend to repeat what I said :(
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Here is the link to the White Tower and Warders: https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/60639-wtwarders-101-all-please-read-especially-new-returning-members/


The social groups are more for fun and have different activities. You will find info about joining each group at the top.


As far as research, we have discussion forums. Dragonmount has been around for 20 years so there is a treasure trove of discussion and info.

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