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Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Wheel of Fortune!

Mrs. Cindy Gill

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Welcome the Brown Ajah Chocolate Week Wheel of Fortune!


The words and phrases and quotes will all be Chocolate! No, really, you can lick the screen and see for yourself.


Just a few ground rules before we start:


1. You don't need to sign up to play. Just post a guess and you are in the game.


2. I will post a word or phrase, you guess a letter. You will get 10 points for each time that letter ap



3. You don't need to buy vowels, just guess them the same as any letter.


4. If you guess the puzzle correctly you win 30 points. But be careful, if you guess the puzzle wrong, you lose 20 points!


5. Consecutive letter guesses by the same person are not allowed. Please wait for someone else to guess before trying another letter. If you want to try solving the puzzle, then go ahead even if you just guessed a letter.



And everyone who plays gets Wheel of Fortune cookies!




Hey, ho, let's go!




Puzzle 1 - welcome to the brown Ajah Chocolate Week -

Blank - 90


Puzzle 2- Theobroma cacao seeds


30 points to ryrin

60 points to Dar

30 points to Sooh

10 points to Basel

30 points to blank


Puzzle 3




10 for blank

20 for Rhea

10 for James

30 points to Sooh


puzzle 4 sponge candy


10 for Rhea

10 for Dar

30 for James


Puzzle 5 Charlie Chaplins



10 for Sooh

20 for blank

60 for Dar

10 for via

10 for Basel


puzzle 6 happy Valentine's Day




60 to Sooh

40 to blank

30 to Dar


puzzle 7 The Candy Man





20 to blank

40 to Sooh

50 to Dar


puzzle 8 Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator


30 to James

60 to blank

50 to Dar

40 to Sooh

50 to Aradin


puzzle 9

Crunchy Chocolate Frogs


10 to Ryrin

100 to Aradin

60 to Dar

10 to blank


puzzle 10




Dementor antidote


10 to blank

70 to Aradin

80 to Sooh

10 to Dar


puzzle 11


Hersheypark in Hershey Pennsylvania


60 to blank

70 to Dar

50 to Aradin

80 to Sooh


puzzle 12



L i k e w a t e r for C h o c o l a t e


70 to blank

90 to Aradin

10 to Dar

40 to Sooh



total points for the game


40 points to ryrin

410 points to Dar

410 points to Sooh

20 points to Basel

420 points to blank

30 points to Rhea

70 points to James

10 points to via

360 points to Aradin

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