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  1. Hmmm, looks like we got the basic plaid layout done without getting caught, now we need @Aiel Heart to get in here and glitter the place up...
  2. first one for me, second one's for @Elgee and the rest are for whoever else joins in!
  3. k! *hands out paint brushes* let's get to it, I would hate to, you know, get caught in the act...
  4. Elizabethan ideologies, about how there is a chain of command from deity down to inadament object, it is used to explain how kings are put in place by god or what have you.
  5. yeah, somehow I never lost them, but it's probably because I usually tend to show up pretty regularly around this time of year.
  6. I can't look at the staff forum threads anywhere anymore, I'm not in staff anymore, haven't been for years
  7. WTF?! HOW AM I JUST HEARING ABOUT THIS?! (Also, a side note... apparently DM makes notification sounds now...)
  8. Well the paper is on how Shakespeare never takes a notable stance on the ideology of the Great Chain of Being. I finished it on Sunday.
  9. pssst, lets you know mess up the things, with like paint and shenanigans and stuff... then run away like we didn't do nuffin
  10. Is it time to get the paint back out? I think Daruya's desk space may need some livening up!
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