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  1. pick me! I won't have as much free time for this game, but it's a DPR game, sooooo memememememe
  2. So I'm very far off in queue (hopefully), but there is a possibility I'll need a co-mod. I have a highly experimental and fast paced game in mind, I need to flush it out soon, so if anyone is interested in co-modding hit me up within the next week or so.
  3. really was beginning to worry at one point that DPR might be mafia, but knew the only way that could be was a recruit mechanic. I didn't want to wifom that in the thread so didn't suggest it.
  4. lol, that makes the outcome of the game much funnier. It was between polar opposites the high and mighty Randal Flagg vs the basically unknown Brad Kitchener both immune to night actions (assuming NB started targeting me and excluding kills)
  5. so things like Jailer still worked? the "not targetable" is confusing me here lol
  6. ah, so I would have gotten a read back on all investigative roles. So ultimately in a sense I was kind of the reverse of AJ I absorbed the actions of others and they did nothing, if it happened to be a cop view I would see what the viewer was. I assume I would get nightkilled just as AJ could though.
  7. So was I only immune to all abilities IF NB picked me? or is that just how my role worked based on your modification of it?
  8. same, I was basing it all off wikia and wikipedia Wikia had nothing on my character and I cried to Tress about it.
  9. I am surprised DPR went for you instead of me this last phase even though what I predicted happened
  10. I mean I literally said it in game thread several phases ago when someone asked me what my read on AJ was. I stated if he hadn't qualified his signup with changing his meta I would have him as mafia.
  11. So on my day 1 reads I was 50% accurate, not bad for pulling a read list out my butt.
  12. For what it's worth the only reason I had a town read on aj was his claim that he was changing his meta in signup
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