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Synchronize your watches gentlemen...

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Because there's really only one thing to do when your hard drive fails and your most recent back up was a week ago Sunday...






Now I figure, if you're going to go back in time, you might as well do it with a bit of style.




You know what would make this better?




Flaming wheel tracks. Aww yeah. That's 1.21 gigawatts under that hood baby.


Don't forget to say hello to the 'rents while you're there...




Just, don't make out with your mom or anything. that would be weird.


Not feeling this theme week? That's cool. But your kids will really dig it someday.



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Its like I was telling Empy earlier tonight. I can either be angry and frustrated that we lost all our work. Or, I can plan a Back to the Future theme week for everyone. I think I chose wisely.


Now come on! Play with me!

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This is what happens when one does not heed the warnings about balefire.


So, if Dwyn has to wait a week to become ajah head again, does this also mean I have to wait a week to finish my raising? Fine, I'll just be patient :P


*puts a pillow on Cleo's desk to cushion her head smashing*

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