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...he's baaack....


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(Reposting this here from the BT forum where I first posted, but wanted you all to see / know as well)




This is a tough message to write. Given my past standing in this community, and my abrupt leaving of it a few years ago, I'll understand if you guys have forgotten or no longer welcome me here. But, I owe you all an explanation for why I had to take an impromptu hiatus from DM, and then ask your forgiveness:


In 2012 I had moved back to Seattle and started a job there that gave me a lot of freedom to contribute often during the day. Unfortunately that stopped being the case, so I was only allowed access to the site after work. Then a string of issues with room mates using my rent money for things other than rent kept me moving throughout the year until 2013, when my father passed away and I effectively gave up trying to stay on DM, Facebook or much else. I kept going for another year or two up there, but in 2015 I took a job back in Portland, OR and moved back down here, only for my grandmother to pass away a month later. I'm not asking for sympathy, just explaining my situation. 

Following all of that, I finally began to settle into life here, therapy helping me through some of the worst of it, and things have somewhat started to improve. I wanted to come back so many times and just explain what happened or see how people were. I just hadn't felt ready to be a contributing member again, nor to face the questions or judgements. Not that I think poorly of any of you, but it's human nature when someone disappears to wonder how, why, etc. 

So, here we are in a slightly more optimistic 2016. As I said, I have missed many of you greatly, and would love to be welcomed back if at all possible, in whatever diminished role available, and would like to ask you guys to forgive me for deserting previously. 

I hope everyone's done very well, and optimistically I look forward to a future mafia game or something.

All the best,

TRL - Jesse

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I would hope that everyone would understand. Can you see the Black Ajah board, or do I need to get your board access back?


Looks like I've still got access, thanks!



Was this always your DM handle?


Yes indeed, though you'd have to go back to 2013 to find posts from me previous to the last couple of days. I've also been known as TRL for short (The Random Lightie)

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