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Hello there!


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Hey, folks.


Dragonmount has been my homepage for over a year now. Recent news of WoT TV rights miraculously getting freed from what many of us were sure is going to be a long legal battle, finally got me to register on these forum. About damn time too.


I've been an avid fan of the series for years, since before Sanderson was chosen to step in and finish Jordan's life's work. And boy, did he finish it. I'm currently going through audiobooks for the second time, almost three hours into book 6.


Anyway, my name's Jan and I'm looking forward to meeting the fine people of WoT community :)

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Welcome!!!! I'm glad you finally took the formal leap and joined us!


Please take a look at the social groups. You can join as many as you wish. I'm a Green Aes Sedai in the White Tower and Warders, along with being a member in some other groups and currently helping to revive the Kin.


Please ask any questions you may have. We would like you to feel at home.

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Welcome to DM, Jan/DrRoxxo! I love it when people are as hooked as I am on the series, to the point of making DM their home page *grins*


Btw, where are you from? I'm from South Africa.

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