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Please welcome ThePowerOfSaidin to the Band !

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First, have a drink:




That,my friend, is a flaming shot. It's the Archers speciality :biggrin:


Question: what's your fav drink?


Ofcourse, we need food!!!





Question: would you like this, or rather something else? :happy:



and, ofcourse.... entertainment!


put your favorite piece of music here, i'm very interested to find out what you listen to! :biggrin:






Now,sit back, relax, and just stay here and get to know us :happy:




or else.... :baalzamon::flamingsword:

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Welcome....dont trust Besie and Chae they are crazy....(the voices in my head confirmed this).


Seriously though The Band is home to a amazing group of people who become fast friends!!!


Is there something we can call you for short....were pretty lazy here sometimes....lololol

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Hey Power welcome to the Band. You've met me in the BT already. I'm the Captain General of the Cavalry.


Yes everybody is crazy here!


Am I crazy Chae?

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You like Muse? What's you favorite song???

well for now it is uprising... it has a catchy tune AND it's very funny to play it on guitar hero lol

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lololololol so you like reading ?


Ahahahahaha yessssss


Reading = good.

Piano = good.

Music = awesome.


Welcome home, little one.


Oh looky, I think he likes reading



i think, it's just a theory... but i think, that he wouldn't have ended up on Dragonmount if he didn't read.... :ph34r:



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