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Cliche Mafia: The Death of Meta - official sign up thread. Game full. back ups accepted

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Once upon a time I started a thread that became a list of all the stereotypes and clichés you can find in a mafia game. I said I'd run a game based on them and I'm up next.


But I can't find the thread so I can't get the game built.


Can anyone help me find it?

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stupid search function is stupid.


I should give myself 30 points as a reward for trawling through 2 years of the BT.


Or I could now use them as bribes.


5 points each for up to pre sign ups for the most basic and most ridiculous game of the year. We're going to break Meta. It's going to be fun.

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Maybe I'll explain how it's going to work.


There are 66 stereotypical/cliché Mafia Styles listed in this Thread here:




If you want to play the game it will be just a Basic Game - but you'll get the opportunity to post in a style that's completely different to your own.


When you sign up, you'll be give a choice of 3 stereotypes. You keep one as a primary, one as a secondary and throw the last one away. Then when the game starts, you play according to your choices.


They'll be allocated randomly. The allocations of roles and alignment won't be done till the game actually starts.


I'll be asking for Fair Play with regards to what will be effectively PRs. If you break them ... you break them and will have to face the shame for all you mafia years to come. You don't have to be 100% within their boundaries but let's aim for 50% Primary and 25% secondary with the last 25% being just enough to trip yourself up by being yourself :)


It sounds like fun, yes?


Player list


1. Sooh

2. RTE

3. Panchi

4. BFG

5. Tina

6. Tress

7. Shadar

8. Yates

9. Dice

10. Darthe

11. Turin

12. Leyrann

13. Pralaya

14. Verbal

15. Hallia

16. Cass

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