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hey everybody, I am so happy to find out there are so many of you out there who appreciate and down right love the WoT series as much as me! I can't believe it. I actually read a chapter a night to my family before I put the lttle one to bed. We love it. I am only getting ready to start Lords of Chaos, so please son't anyone spoil anything for me.

   When I first started reading WoT, it was because I hadn't been to the bookstore n a couple of weeks, somehow just had the first two books in my closet from only the Light knows where, and picked one up figuring it would give me something to read til I got myself to Half Price Books about 20 minutes from the house. At first I was thinking "oh, this is just gonna be a Tolkien rip off". How WRONG I was!!!!! I quickly realized the Mountains of Mist and all that were merely small honors or tributes to the great Tolkien. Now I am completely enthralled by the characters, the world, they story, every little sub-plot, every word. I can't get enough. I can't read them fast enough. I am on like chapter 4 from Eye of the World with my family, but I am on book 6. It may very well be one of my favorite reads, beating out Dickens, the Bronte' sisters, The Russians (Chekov, Doestoyevsky, etc), and my favorite Jack London. I admit this with the sligtest tinge of guilt to masters of those classics, but I can only speak what is in my fair heart!!!! So I have rambled enough, but to all those who enjoy Mr. Jordan's labors as much as me, I am happy I can share this great "secret" with all of you!!!!!


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Hello Aan'allein, welcome to Dragonmount!

Glad to hear how much you've enjoyed the series so far... you've got quite a ways to go. DM has alot for you to see but, since you are only part way through the series, beware of possible spoilers anywhere, especially on the discussion boards. If you post anything on the discussion boards just be sure if you start the thread with a quick mention on how far along you are and ask that people be considerate of possible spoilers.


I'd highly suggest you spend some time and check out our social groups to see if you think you might enjoy joining any. There's no limit so join as many as you'd like! If you have questions about The Black Tower, home of Spam and Madness, I'll try to answer them (I'm Logain, leader of the light faction). If you have questions about The Band of the Red Hand, home of music, travel, drinks & eating, I'll try and answer them too (I'm the Band's Exececutive Officer). Unfortunately I can't offer much help answering questions about our other Social Groups but I'm sure if you have any and post them here someone will be able to answer them for you.

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I just love the WoT and you spoke so eloquently about it! Be very careful in the discussion boards to avoid spoilers. The Social Groups are a nice way to meet other fans. You are welcome to join as many groups as you wish. I'm in the White Tower and Warders. FYI, you can't see all of the boards there until you are a member. There is lots to do!!! Enjoy. :)

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