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No motivation to shower.


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you smell like Ed now


No matter how long one goes without a shower, one can't attain that level of malodour.



what kind of gym doesn't have showers?


It has showers. I just couldn't be bothered using them.



The blonde just walked into your apt. 


I like this very much. 5 points to L (assuming I have points to give out, might need to wait till next week).




The blonde just walked into your apt.

And she wants to borrow your shower.



I do like where this is going. 5 points to Basel (for next week).



is she going to drag his lazy butt in there and wash it for him or is she bringing a friendly dog to lick him clean?


The former and not the latter please?



ugh he's fallen asleep sweaty and ruined his bed hadn't he ?


You'll be pleased to know that I did shower before I went to bed in the end. 5 points to cindy for next week.

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I squat three times a week - the bar slips on my shoulders when I'm just wearing a flimsy T-shirt, the hoody helps keep it in place.


I also just love sweating it out. Can put my headphones on, my hood up and block out the bad disco tracks and bicep curl bros in the gym and focus on the lift or my cardio.

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They're not the best showers as a general rule, but I have no problem showering there - I do so sometimes. But then it involves taking along a second bag, and a large towel and stuff. Too much work!

Actually, there are good and valid reasons for not using public facilities.  After I started doing professional custodial work, I live and die by three rules of public hygiene.


Unless I've personally cleaned any of the following, I don't use:


public toilets.

public showers.

drinking fountains.


Also, every toilet seat liner bin has a huge question mark hovering over it after a terrible discovery I made one evening.


You, sir, have just saved yourself from a world of dag nasty.  But you still smell like funky trolloc butt.

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