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Hello...(Awkward Pause)... Anyone fancy a dance?

Jak 0' the Shadows

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Hello fellow WoT nerds!


I finally made it! I've visited the site many times but I don't know why I didn't join before. Where I live, there aren't that many people who've read the series and I to talk with people about it, you know? I've been on the forum for a few days but for some reason, neglected to come and introduce myself.


I was introduced to the series around the time of Mr. Jordan's passing. It was my Lit teacher who originally showed me the Eye of the World. I read the first few lines of the first page right there in her classroom. But I put it back and left as the bell rang. Then halfway back down the hall to homeroom; I ran back and grabbed it. For the next few months, for the rest of the school-year, really, I had to deal with a feeling of guilt as I deprived her or her book. I read it over and over and over. Reading the glossary over and over and over. Reading the little sneak peak at the back over and over and over. Looking at the cover and the extra artwork over and over and over. At the time, I didn't know why I didn't get the next book right away but now I guess I..... was where I needed to be. To make the long story short, I ripped through the series and had to wait a LONG time for the conclusion. I now own all of the books except TSR and the encyclopedia which I am very excited for. I sort of have a love affair with the series, this is probably why I contemplated for so long the subject of if I even want it to adapted to film. Something I'm still not sure of. (I do dream of making some part of it into an audio drama though.)


A few things you should know about me: I am a proficient dancer and a film student. I love WoT and LOTR. I also like the Elenium and the Tamuli by David Eddings. I love Star Wars. And I am totally and undeniably strange. (thats what other people say, but 'I prefer to think of it as... misunderstood.'


Another thing: my brother and I grew up using movie quotes when they applied to the situation (sometimes with disastrous results) we also play the 'movie line game.' We originally made it up for long drives but one applied here so..... guess where the bold line is from.







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Hi, Jak!!! Welcome to DM. I ripped through the series too once I found EotW. There were only two books left to be finished when I got to DM. Have you read New Spring too?


You will find people here who also enjoy LOTR, Potter and Star Wars and I've seen Eddings mentioned as well.


Has anything at DM caught your interest in particular?

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Ryrin: Oh yeah, when I read the books, I would catch some hint, or foreshadowing, then I would ask myself if other people caught it.  Here at DM, I love seeing the things people will catch, many of them things that I did not notice. I also love the Wheel of Time adaption talk. So much thought goes into it; it's great. 


BFG: Nice. 


I do have a question. The groups; (Like the Black Tower) what do they do? What are they about and how do you join? 

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There are multiple social groups and you can join as many as you wish. There is usually a sticky at the top that explains what the group is about and how to join. Social groups are a good place to meet people. There are various discussions, activities, and many times ranks you can earn.


I know that in some of the groups (like the White Tower and Warders) you can't see all of the boards until and if you join.


If you are interested in the Black Tower, go to the top and read the info presented there and they have a topic for new and returning members.

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Hey, Jack :) Welcome


For most of the social groups, in that includes the Black Tower, you can have a look on their boards and post in their welcoming threads to sign in.


Now, every group has its topics. I'm member of the a couple of them only so i can't give u a complete information.


Black Tower is about fun, spams, and a battle between light and shadow factions. There're One Power Battles and other games.

The Band of the Red Hand is ... well also about fun, but also about travels, music, and brew :tongue:

The Tuathan'an are more about art (drawing, crafting, writing, etc.)


The best would be to have a look and see by yourself.

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deep.rest: The Burbs? 


I have another question about social groups, is it possible to create another? I had an Idea for another: The Blightwatch. A borderlander sort of group. 



... and what about this dance?



Well..... How could I ever refuse a gal from the Band of the Red Hand. I hear my ballad is quite popular there. 

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