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  1. I've heard several people comment on some parts of the books getting slow. I'm experienced that with LoC and now CoS. I get a bit tired of the same old man vs woman arguments and secrecy battles. There's a lot of repetitive descriptions and explanations too. At times I find myself skipping a whole paragraph because of that. And yeah, personal tastes vary. Have you ever tried to read the Thomas Covenant chronicals? It's considered to be one of the best fantasy series, but after struggling through the first three books it didn't seem to me fantasy so much as a very descriptive journey into one man's tortured psyche.
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    Love/d Nausicaa. Super brilliant heroine story with a fantastic environmental message. Really enjoyed "Love Hina" and "Negima", too. (both by the same author and completed) Dragon Ball was good and I'm enjoying the child rearing bad ass, too. ^.^ Solanin is a slice of life/tragedy that will seriously tug on your heart strings. I'm looking forward to seeing the resolution of Naruto; that last battle has really been dragging out, though maybe I'm just not appreciating all the nuances of the story line. I can't see that OP will be finishing in the next few years. A single arc can take a year or two to complete (the fish man island arc was really long) and there's only been a couple arcs since they entered the New World. I also like a heap of titles from a genre that I'd rather not mention here (it's kinda embarrassing >///> )
  3. Hi Jak and welcome. Mirage and Mr. Incredible discussing. How about this one, from waaaaay back. "This is no ordinary furnace".
  4. Wear comfortable shoes and backpack. Invest in a good reusable water bottle. Don't be too shy (or proud) to ask for directions, and ask several people as you go in case one of them is wrong. Make a budget and stick to it.
  5. And yet, the inexperienced people can still ride, even if only in a clumsy manner. Perhapz RJ meant to communicate what you are suggesting about experience being the key to Rand and Perrin's ability, but that's not how it was worded. It appears to be written in the context of strength, not skill. Being able to draw the bow (even once) is how its worded and was the context of my original post. Two people here have already stated Lan could draw it (if even only once) because of his brute strength, which seems to be RJ's reason for including him, too. It may also be that RJ did not literally mean "no other person in the whole fortress" as it's actually written but rather an idiomatic expression like "all kinds" used to refer to all shinarans after one group tried to draw it and failed. But still my original point was that, based on the way it's actually written, it gives the rather silly impression that Rand walks around the fortress asking everyone to try his bow and keeps a list of those who can't. Perhaps it's just my Ariel humor that I saw it that way? ^_^
  6. hey goas, he original issue was about who could draw the bow, and not necessarily who could use it to its intended purpose. I was suggesting that it seemed a bit weird that the only three people in a fortress full of warriors who had the strength to draw the bow even once just happened to be three of the main characters, and that RJ was kinda bragging on them because of that. I get what people are saying about the specialized nature of using a long bow properly, but the context was about being able to draw it, even once. Someone suggested earlier that its not just an issue of brute strength and that's why no sheinaran could do it, but you seemed to suggest Lan could do it because of his brute strength.
  7. hey goas, Thanks for that explanation. Wow! 120lbs! That's quite serious. And, I'd be way too embarrassed to go to the gym to try that much weight. I'm only 155lbs myself. ^_^ The thing about Lans muscles (even if its once) is still a bit confusing though cause that kinda implies that a fortress full of warriors can't match those three. I'm open to that possibility but I'm still kinda leaning towards the explanation that RJ was using the situation to promote their badass-ness rather than giving a comprehensive assessment of the shinarans inability to draw rands bow.
  8. I suppose that means Lan had plenty of experience with long bows, too.
  9. Ok, let's settle this with a joke... Q. Why did Rand shoot the Aes Sedai with an arrow from his very special two Rivers bow? A. She insisted he bow properly in the awesome presence of Aes Sedai. >.>
  10. I also did not think it was meant to be all encompassing, but still I wonder if even the issue of height is enough to account for an entire fortress of battle hardened warriors to be unable to draw a long bow (at least once?). I've never tried to draw a bow, short or long so I don't have any practicle experience.
  11. thanks ya'll. Daruya, dr is fine. ^…^ Thanks for the help with the post, songstress. You have a name kinda like mine; can mean two different things depending on how you read it.
  12. realized after clicking the post button that I misspelled ryrin's name and felt guilty for being sloppy and then tried to stop the process and correct, but was too late and now its a double post gahhhh >…<
  13. Hey judy and ryrin. Thanks for the welcome. I've not explored too much yet because of the spoiler issues but I'll have a look at the society pages soon. Perhaps if my humor is working properly I can endear myself to some Maidens. ^_-
  14. Near the beginning of the Great Hunt there is this description of Rand and his bow: "His unstrung bow stood propped in the corner with Mat's and Perrin's...He had made it himself since coming to Fal Dara, and besides him, only Lan and Perrin could draw it." I know it probably sounds rather silly, but how did he know that only the three of them could draw it, and what was the point of mentioning it? It gives me this idea that Rand walks around with his bow asking everyone he can find to try drawing it and then adding the names of those who can't to a list he keeps in his pocket. Or, maybe it was just to let us know how bad-ass strong Rand is ^.^
  15. Hello! Started the series a few weeks ago. Working on Lord of Chaos now. I've not filled my profile though I'll get to that later (I've been told I'm a procrastinator but I've also been told that I should go easy on trying to prove people wrong so hey...) Anyway I look forward to chatting with the community. ^…^ Q. What did the Accepted say when the Aes Sedai expressed the mildest sympathy for all the hard disciplines? A. It shawl good.
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