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Hi Erik!


I was a member long ago, and just recently returned as well! Depending on when you were here there is probably a lot that has changed!


Check out the social group side if you want to chat - there are all kinds of groups from the books, and they all have their own personality. I spend most of my time at the Ogier group, the White Tower, and the Band of the Red Hand - you can join as many as you want! I hope to see you around!


The RP side has gotten quite big as well - I don't know as much about that side as I am just finishing creating a character, but if you are interested in RPing you should check that out as well!


There are many discussions on the books and such if you are interested in that as well - If you haven't read A Memory of Light yet, be sure to stay away from threads with spoilers  :wink:


Have fun, and like I said we hope to see you around!

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