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Dragon Age?

Rasheta Ardashir

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They didn't do so good with the second game. Good graphics, interesting conversations, but the minute you finish the game there is nothing (and I mean nothing, blank sheet). In my opinion an ending like that sucks. I never finished the first one, I think it was awesome, the disk broke before I could finish it.

Third one looks good to the eyes, but I'm a little weary, I don't trust this game series anymore....

Play Skyrim... less disappointing! :rolleyes: 

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First game had some nice battles and gameplay, but the writing and voice-acting was terrible and the background was under-explored.


The second game had inferior combat and gameplay, but the writing and voice-acting was far superior to the first game and, despite the smaller location, it made better use of the background lore and races.


The third game seems to be trying to mix more of the gameplay from the first game with the writing of the second. If they achieve that - like they did with the Awakening expansion for the first game, which is my favourite part of the franchise - they could make a really solid game.


However, to stand up against Project Eternity, Wasteland 2 and The Witcher 3 next year, it's going to have to be really special.

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PLay baldurs gate series again and realise how crap all these games are.


Skyrim is alright but didn't feel anything towards any of the other characters. Mass effect was only one that came close but the 3rd one spoilt it for me.

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