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  1. Surprised grrm hasn't jumped higher since the tv series came out.
  2. Lost my £20 bet that the world would end, got really good odds too. Oh well, back to work it is.
  3. Also loved ending of first law. To realise that the heroes are worse than what they were fighting. Brilliant.
  4. Would have loved Jordan to finish it (even if it took another 30 books). Feel that Sanderson has taken his time to get in touch with some of the characters and some of the plots seem a bit rushed (having spent years building them up then sort of meh was that it?). Having said that MOL is my most anticipated book of all time. Jordan wrote the ending himself I believe so we will see his vision. At the end of the day it isn't Sanderson's books or characters so you probably can't expect him to spend the time and love on them that Jordan did, but he has probably done as well as anyone could. P.S I wasn't really a Sanderson fan anyway and couldn't be arsed to finish the 3rd of the mistborn trilogy.
  5. Going out on a limb here, but maybe the visions are a plot device to make Aviendha more important for the rest of the story? Before this she could have fell down a well and although Rand being heart broken it would have meant nothing to the rest of the story. Now she has to save her people from a fate they would find worse than death. Hurrah!
  6. Gemmill named decado as the greatest swordsman of drenai history. Can't remember the name of the book but is set in the future when druss, skilgannon and decado are brought back to life. Druss would have easily have taken him though (axe).
  7. Lilbaz

    Fave Character

    Forgot the Bloody Nine (even though he was a slight copy of Dace) class character. Hope Abercrombie brings him back in a new series. In fact I think he'll have to as the fans of the First Law series are going mad that he hasn't appeared in the last couple of books. One of the best fantasy writers at the mo and one of the best characters, for me Abercrombie kicks Sandersons arse.
  8. Lilbaz


    With you on that one, it has been sitting on the book shelf for a bout a year, have tried reading it twice but can't seem to get into it.
  9. I thought it was accepted that the Wheel of Time is another age of the Arthurian legend? Sword in the Stone. Callandor - Excaliber Green Man Grail - Bowl Of winds King is the land. Al Thor - Arthur Lan - Lancelot Moiraine/Tom Merilyn/Amyrlin - Merlin (advisor) Morridin/Damondred - Mordred Galad - Galahad Gawyn - Gawaine Nynaeve - Guinavere 3 women taking him on a boat after he's died to Tar Valon - Avalon. Morgase - Morgause Caemlyn - Camelot Tigraine - Ygraine (Arthur/Rands mothers) The fisher king. Probably loads more.
  10. Forgot about Konrad out of Warhammer. The book got me into fantasy in the first place.
  11. Why do people always mention Lan but not Rand? I know he lost his hand, but he also go LTT's memories (300years experience). We haven't seen him fight recently but I think people may be surprised. If it is a retelling of the story of King Arthur (the wheel turning etc..) then remember Arthur (Rand) beat Lancelot (Lan).
  12. Lilbaz

    Fave Character

    Tasselhoff Burfoot (when I was a kid, in tears when he died). Dresden Druss the Legend Mat Dace Artemis Entreri
  13. Conan Most of Gemmells/Abercrombie/Ericksons characters. Aretmis Enreri/Jarlaxle Raistlin Magere Caine thosands of others but can't think at the mo.
  14. For a human, Dace from Gemmells Dark Moon. One of the best characters in fantasy. Colbey Calstinson (sp) was part god but has to be up there. Dritzz/Entreri (who's better now?). Lans is cool but I don't know if he could beat any of those.
  15. Lilbaz

    UK Riots

    The cause was a guy in Tottenham getting shot by a police officer. The family went to the police station to get answers but were given little information because an independent commission were still investigating. Hangers on to the family went onto facebook and Twitter and called other people in North London to turn up. Eventually the family went home but by now there were hundreds of people (mainly young and looking for trouble), things started getting heated when they got bored, then things got broke and a shop got robbed and soon it was a full scale riot. Day 2, the members of the first riot then went back to their own areas (notably Ealing, Hackney) and on the second day (since they got away with it the first) decided to do it again in their own areas. Day 3, a lot of what we'd call chav's (british equivalent of trailor trash) watching the previous evenings events with little repercussions, decided they'd join in the fun. This lead to riots and looting all over London. Day 4, the rest of the country thought it would be fun to join in. Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham and lots of other small towns all over Britain jumped in. By now though the PM and Mayor were back from their hols and decided to do something. Getting 16000 police on the streets of London and giving them permission to kick f out of any rioters. This meant that London was quite quiet. We're now waiting to see what happens tonight. Will Scotland join in? (it's quite hard to tell if they have already or if it's just a normal week night for them)will the chav's be back out in London? I'll tell you tomorrow.
  16. Lilbaz

    UK Riots

    Three men protecting a mosque were killed when someone ran them over in Birmingham. Police treating it as murder.
  17. Lilbaz

    UK Riots

    Live in Camden (London), we had a bit of trouble on Monday night. Few shops ransacked and windows smashed. My mate got home from night shift and found out his son had a new phone and pair of jeans, kid rightfully got a kicking. Dead last night, the whole high street boarded up the shops and were all shut by 17:00, absolutely full of old bill (police to our American friends) and paparazzi trying to get a photo. See how it goes tonight.
  18. Just finished Mark Jackmans Great right hope. Excellent British pub humour, a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Shameless. Not recomended for younger readers but very funny.
  19. I'm torn though. Looking forward to reading the final book, but then it will be all over apart from a few re-reads. Think I'll definitely have a lump in my throat.
  20. Sorry haven't read the whole of this thread, but you may be surprised I think the hound will be back in the story (he wont be the first person to be brought back to life and has already met the person who can do it).
  21. I think I was about 12 when I first started reading WOT. Still f**king going at 31.
  22. Why do people always think these guys pioneered the field. Fantasy was around long before these guys. Homer anyone? Tolkien didn't invent elves or dwarves they were already in Norse/Celtic/Germanic mythology. Anyway back on track. Good writers out there at the moment: Weeks, Abercrombie, Lynch, Sanderson, Brett, Butcher, Martin, Ericson, Banks. These aren't the only ones, just the ones I have read and can pull off the top of my head. We have lost a couple, Jordan and Gemmell stand out for me and will be impossible to replace, but there will be someone just as good. At the moment it is hard to get truly epic scope books started as I think that publishers actually want to keep them short (3 books) to keep interest. But fashion will change again and someone will write a 20 book saga that will take 30 years to write and in 50 years will be the greatest ever.
  23. Artemis Entreri, never really liked Dritzz but loved Entreri. Raistlin from Dragonlance. Ishamael has got to be in there. Dracula Can't think ???
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