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    Reading/ birds/ and lots of school work XD
  1. Obssessions: Wheel of Time, The Way of Kings, Black Prism and The Binding Knife, Hells on Wheels, Walking Dead, and Skyrim.

  2. Im reading Wheel of Time By Robert Jordan ..... yeah i know your jelous i mean what other book in this world matters right? heh! I Just read The Sparrow, very good i recoment it (series). Oh and im planing to read and finally actually finish the hitchhickers guide to the galaxy ^.^ ohh what a awesome book!
  3. Essays will be the death of me... falling of a clift being eaten by a zombie and being run over by 40 gazel sounds better.

  4. Helo there! i have an acount .... actually two acounts that wont let me in so i made a new one... yes im pathetic but guess what i LOVE the wheel of time (who doesnt) and i really wanted to be a part of the website. If there is any posible way to delete the shadowmere and matrimlover from this website to save space go right ahead... i have no idea if thats possible. Well nice to meet you! and i hope to finaly be an active part of the commutity! XD
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