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  1. I never got that Androl was Jordanlike because Jordan didnt all of a sudden make characters really important and uber powerful. It would be like if during Lord of Chaos all of a sudden Vanin was introduced as this badass poacher who can outfight anymore despite being fat and immediatly forms an attraction with Birgitte, and all of Mat plans now revolved around Chel Vanin doing something awesome. You forgot Cads ;) she came out of nowhere ;)
  2. It would take more that telling a few higher-ups about it to cause trouble. You would need to go on a massive propaganda campaign informing everyone about it for it to cause a stir. Those in power are too invested in the suldam to care about it.
  3. She is a woman. Remember his thing about hurting girls?
  4. There could possibly be a transition to the meth from the discipline.
  5. I picked Nyn. I dont know why. I just couldnt back anyone else. It seemed wrong.
  6. Either a mirror world or some place like finnland, i forgot which.
  7. Nakomi is an American Indian name for "wanderer"
  8. Oh, i thought it was during the boat trip to the tower, I stand corrected.
  9. If it is mentioned to two girls, not even novices yet (I think i have the timing correct), then AS should know it.
  10. I believe there is already a way known to exist, if not in detail, to reverse this process. The 13x13 process is known to Aes Sedai, and they have the saying that no one is too far to the shadow to return to the light or something. The whole oath against lying and such.
  11. He was there, or relatively close. He was on the hill or whatever the Shadow was based on opposing Merrilor. IT confused me at first, because I missed the transition of him and Faile there, but it happened. But perhaps it was spread out more due to the weakness of the pattern ect.
  12. He never said you couldnt kill the DO. Balefire != Killing. Balefire Kills, but isnt the only way to.
  13. You are saying you cannot kill the GLoD because he is the Creator's "counterpart," which is assuming you cannot kill the Creator, or that "counterpart" means equal.There is nowhere that says either the Creator or GLoD are unkillable.
  14. They did flood everything when they went.. But yeah...
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