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  1. I never got that Androl was Jordanlike because Jordan didnt all of a sudden make characters really important and uber powerful. It would be like if during Lord of Chaos all of a sudden Vanin was introduced as this badass poacher who can outfight anymore despite being fat and immediatly forms an attraction with Birgitte, and all of Mat plans now revolved around Chel Vanin doing something awesome. You forgot Cads ;) she came out of nowhere ;)
  2. It would take more that telling a few higher-ups about it to cause trouble. You would need to go on a massive propaganda campaign informing everyone about it for it to cause a stir. Those in power are too invested in the suldam to care about it.
  3. She is a woman. Remember his thing about hurting girls?
  4. There could possibly be a transition to the meth from the discipline.
  5. I picked Nyn. I dont know why. I just couldnt back anyone else. It seemed wrong.
  6. Either a mirror world or some place like finnland, i forgot which.
  7. Nakomi is an American Indian name for "wanderer"
  8. Oh, i thought it was during the boat trip to the tower, I stand corrected.
  9. If it is mentioned to two girls, not even novices yet (I think i have the timing correct), then AS should know it.
  10. I believe there is already a way known to exist, if not in detail, to reverse this process. The 13x13 process is known to Aes Sedai, and they have the saying that no one is too far to the shadow to return to the light or something. The whole oath against lying and such.
  11. He was there, or relatively close. He was on the hill or whatever the Shadow was based on opposing Merrilor. IT confused me at first, because I missed the transition of him and Faile there, but it happened. But perhaps it was spread out more due to the weakness of the pattern ect.
  12. He never said you couldnt kill the DO. Balefire != Killing. Balefire Kills, but isnt the only way to.
  13. You are saying you cannot kill the GLoD because he is the Creator's "counterpart," which is assuming you cannot kill the Creator, or that "counterpart" means equal.There is nowhere that says either the Creator or GLoD are unkillable.
  14. They did flood everything when they went.. But yeah...
  15. She doesnt know what it means, IIRC, so it could just symbolize his lifelong fight.
  16. I think the disconnect there was despite being similar styled books (basically one constant battle), he still had the little breaks from the action (whatshernames POVs, and the assassin who despite being in a constant state of violence rarely thought in a violent way). In AMOL, every single person was in the middle of the conflict. The only real chances for something similar would be a POV from Moir or Nyn on their walk into the cave, if we assume the plot goes unchanged. I think the Mat/Mordeth conflict was a decent situation (not very well executed..but oh well), but the only end fitting for Fain is by Shadar Haran. I cant think of another situation which could do either SH or Fain justice and provide fitting ends, and I am kind of disappointed that it didnt happen.
  17. I hated how people didnt think of gateway shields before. Youre facing a shadowspawn army? Put a gateway infront of it, tie it off, and sit back. The uses for cutting with the edges as well have been obvious to me as soon as we got details about gateways in the early books.
  18. I've never liked Galad as a character, but I liked him in this book. The end when he clutches his arm and spits at Demandred's feet... I loved it. I just wished he had died right there... there were too many "Hey just kidding this character you thought was dead barely lived somehow" moments. Agreed. Both galad and Lan should have died. Lan killing himself to kill Demandred was epic and suited the character perfectly. Him surviving somehow just made it... I dunno, less epic? I thought Lan coming back was because he was called back by the horn at first.. Which would have been great.. Would it be betraying the shadow, or betraying a darkfriend, In her mind. Which is all that matters.
  19. I just finished, and I have to say I disliked the constant battle. It worked well for the prologue, but when it dragged on through the whole book it kept me from getting into the story. It improved gradually as it went on so by the last 150 pages or so I could get into it better. Im not quite sure what to think yet...
  20. I've never understood why some fans seem to think more screen time=enough of an experience leap to jump Gawyn over Galad. We have an author quote stating Galad is still better after ToM so really there is no argument. Galad was much better early on, we have a number of characters stating how much better he was(more natural, things come easier, learns faster etc.), and we have no way to say how either would do in the others fights. Bottom line there is zero evidence that he has surpassed Galad. Well, there is the benefit of the warder bond now... So not zero...
  21. It would fall under the same class as Portal Stones, in my opinion.
  22. Its the same as paperback, its just business.
  23. Id say digital books arent books, just stories. The story is what makes the book worthwhile, but the book itself adds something for me that the . I personally cant get into an ebook, but that doesnt mean everyone else cant. You wouldnt tell a story the same way verbally as you would in writing, in the same way digital stories are best told differently than physically. The decision to delay probably
  24. Do people have issues with paperbacks being released late too?
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