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[Dreadlords] Hangman, Executioner Style! Game Thread


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Greetings one and all!  It is time to play Hangman - Shayol Ghul Style!



Rules: The Executioner thinks up a word (or a short sentence up to 5 words long) and shows you how many letters it has. Then you have to guess what it says. You do this by throwing out letters and hoping they are the correct ones! Each time you guess a correct letter, the Executioner has to add it on the billboard and show you exactly where the letters belong. If the letter or a guess (if you feel you already know the word and don't need all the letters) is wrong, he adds another notch into your coffin :).

I A M T _ _ E _ C E C U T _ _ _ E R

You can be wrong exactly 9 times at which point, the Executioner (GM) is the winner!

If no one guesses the Executioners secret word, the Executioner gets 20 points while the rest of you who participated all lose 1 point! BWAHAHAHAHA. If the Executioner's word is guessed, he gets 10 points, the person that guessed (the whole word/sentence or simply the final letter) gets 15 points, while the others who guessed the right letters split 15 points among themselves.

Criteria: Wait for the Executioner to add the letters you guessed right into the word/short sentence and then try and guess anoth er letter. No point in just throwing 5 random letters out there, the odds are against you, so wait for him to acknowledge each letter one at a time and say if it's wrong or not. Sign up's Required.

Note The only languages allowed for Executioner will be English or the Randland Old Tongue. English is the primary language of Dragonmount, and the Old Tongue is allowed for book flavor. This is not out of disrespect to other languages, but to ensure a fair game to all players concerned. Any executioner mod who breaks this rule will forfeit points for that round.



1. Lily

2. Cindy

3. Basel

4. Moon

5. Panchi

6. Pral


First Phrase (These will be quotes from the Wheel of Time series)


    e t   t     e       o r       o f               o       r         e


No: M

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