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*kidnaps Via and Basel*


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Yeh, that is right. I have been too nice and soft lately. I´m going to do some voodoo experiment on them. If you want your lightie/shadowie friend to be relesed then you need to offer me something really good instead. You could give me gifts, make me laugh or ... do something that would convice me to let them go. 

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At a car repair shop: "Punctures made here"


At a garment shop: "Readymade garments- made to order"


at the entrance of a maternity ward: "NO CHILDREN AFTER 7:00 PM"


At a cinema: "Patrons are requested to retain their COUNTERPARTS till the end of the show"


In a doctor's chamber: "Your first visit will be your last one"


at a watch repair shop: "Come to us when you don't have the time"

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