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Hello everyone

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I only started reading this series back in Jan 2012, but it's one of the best series I've ever read. I loved all the books, and read aMoL as quickly as I could. It's amazing to find such a great community dedicated to these books.


I found this site because of the cage matches (too many hours spent on Google) and its really fun to read through all the theories and snippets of extra information that I missed out first time I read the books, now I'm re-reading them. It almost makes up for the series coming to an end...


Other than that, its great to be here!

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Hi FourOfPentangles!


Welcome to Dragonmount!



I found that there was more information I missed in the books each time I read them, and well do I know the perils of hour lossbthatvis google! :)


You'll find some boards for wheel of time discussion, other discussion, the social groups, and role play on here, so jump in and make yourself comfortable!


See you around maybe ;)

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Hello!!!! Welcome to DM. Along with the book discussion areas we have places for role playing and social groups. You can belong to more than one social group. You'll find a whole bunch of people here who love the WoT!! If you need any help, just ask.

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Hello there! Ceade mile failte! Like Ryrin said, you can multiple groups. I am a member of the White Tower and Black Tower Social groups. There's something for everyone in this place. Tell us some of your interests and maybe we can point you somewhere that you might enjoy.

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