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Faction Olympics: Roasts


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Which of our SG members would you like to roast? This is your chance to turn them into tender meat which everyone could enjoy, granted some of us are vegetarians but still roasting someone is fun.

Pick a member and tell us all the embarrassing things they have done in the past, and/or why they are such a disgusting example of human life. Cook them over the fire, slowly roasting them, burning them by spilling their dirty secrets.

25 pts to the best roast and 25 to the person roasted in the winning post.

This is Shayol Ghul so you don't have to worry all about being nice and goody two shoes but remember, we’re all a big family here, so keep it in fun and if you are chosen as a roastee, be a good sport about it and maybe roast the person who roasted you. All in good sport obviously.
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You know who I hate? That whiny Drama queen moon. 
She's always "Boo-boo-boo. I can't wear sneakers." "Boo-boo-boo my life sucks" "boo-boo-boo Christine picks on me"
I can't stand that Hag. 


Know what's worse about it all? 
Her incessant bragging. 

She's like "My faction is the best. We are awesome. I am a genius. My dogs are epic. My husband is cool. Barm is amazing."



I am tired of her. 


How did she get to be faction leader, anyway?????

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